Tiffany Franco Smith STUNS 90 Day Fiance Fans with Epic Weight Loss

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Last year, Tiffany Franco Smith returned to America. She decided that her family will have their best chance in the US rather than in South Africa. 

In the last few months, she has lost a dramatic amount of weight. Take a look at her major body transformation!

Tiffany Franco Smith with White Flowers

When 90 Day Fiance viewers last saw Tiffany Franco Smith on their screens, she was appearing on the Tell All special.

At the time, she had given birth incredibly recently. It was courageous for her to appear on the special at all.

Since then, she has undergone a powerful post-baby body transformation.

To put things in perspective, Tiffany shared a "before" photo with her fans.

Tiffany Franco Smith before weight loss IG

Taking to her Instagram Stories this week, Tiffany shared this snap of her.

"BEFORE," she labels the image in large letters. Notably, she has always been stunningly beautiful.

She details that the snap was taken "almost 5 months ago."

And when was that, for her? "Right after baby," she notes.

Tiffany Franco Smith after weight loss IG

Here is Tiffany as she appears now.

Weeks ago, she had shared an update -- in text-only -- noting that she had lost 16 pounds since chidlbirth.

Here, in this photo that she also shared to her Stories, she writes that this is "20 pounds later."

20 pounds is a lot of weight for a person (particularly a short or small-boned person) to lose, and it makes a dramatic difference.

Tiffany Franco Smith so skinny now IG with strawberry

Obviously, some absolute monsters decided to bombard her with nasty comments.

"56 inch hips, okay," writes one body-shaming troll. "Skinny where?"

"How does it make you feel when I say I’m in love with me?" Tiffany asks. "And that I enjoy myself and looking at myself?"

"Does it cause you to feel angry?" her reply continues. Clearly, it does, and that's the troll's issue.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith

"If it dies you probably hate yourself and have a deep desire to love yourself,” Tiffany's reply suggests

“However I advise you to not project that onto me," she writes.

Tiffany concludes: "What you feel towards yourself has nothing to do with me."

Some people are deeply afraid of gaining weight that they feel visceral hatred towards fat or even just soft bodies. It's a sickness.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith Wedding

Tiffany won over fans with her romance with Ronald, a South African man.

Ronald experienced some personal struggles, but love -- and a baby on the way -- won the day.

Ronald won over fans with his close bond with Tiffany's son.

A lot of children on reality TV get hate and threats of violence from awful viewers, but the entire 90 Day Fiance fandom loves Daniel.

Tiffany Franco, Daniel, and Ronald Smith

Tiffany made the difficult choice to move back to the US, with the goal in midn of bringing over Ronald as soon as she can. 

Ronald's neighborhood did not make her feel safe or that her children are safe.

Also, private internet connections in South Africa are a nightmare (the US is spared because of years of net neutrality, both officially and unofficially).

Tiffany was thinking of herself and of both of her children -- and quite frankly, of Ronald.

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