Peter Weber: I Thought I Was Over Hannah, But...

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If only Peter Weber had bookmarked our section of The Bachelor spoilers.

If only this handsome pilot had been reading The Hollywood Gossip on the reg, he'd have been able to prepare himself for the most stunning development on this Monday's season premiere of The Bachelor.

He'd have known that Hannah Brown would be making an appearrance.

webs and brown

As has been teased by ABC itself, the former Bachelorette stops by Peter's first episode on January 6 to speak with Weber's suitors and to engage them in a conversation about sex.

For real. Brown talks to the ladies about their wildest intercourse experiences.

At one point, however, she also sidles up to Weber on a couch and certainly makes it sound as if she still has feelings for him.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Backstage

“I’m making decisions for my heart,” Brown says in the following ABC trailer, one that has left the Internet buzzing, telling Peter during a chat on a couch:

“Because I know there’s still something there. And I would do anything for a relationship.”

How did Weber feel upon hearing these words? And upon seeing the woman to whom he once gave it four times in a windmill over the course of just a few hours?

Confused, Peter told Access Hollywood this week. Really, really confused.

“She starts coming out of the limo, I realize who it is [and] jaw-drop,” Weber told this outlet of Brown in an interview published on Thursday, January 2.

He went on to say he never asked his ex to come on The Bachelor and claimed that seeing her there was a total shock.

"Before she came, before that first night, in my mind, I was over Hannah,” he continued. “I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity if I wasn’t. .. after I saw her that first night, I may have questioned if I was over her."

To be clear, it is completely and utterly preposterous for anyone to believe that Peter didn't greenlight Brown's return and that this whole thing hasn't been scriped as a way to juice season premiere ratings.

But, look, it's working: Here we are, writing all about it!

Peter and Hannah 4 Eva?

Weber came in third place on season 15 of The Bachelorette. Dude was crazy aboout Hannah when he was sent home just before the finale.

"I think the most important thing for everyone to kind of realize watching this is everyone saw our relationship on The Bachelorette,” the California native says, adding:

“That was a really real relationship for the both of us [with] true feelings.

"We both really really care from each other from that relationship. Everything you’re gonna see is true and it’s raw and it’s from the heart."

We have our doubts about that.

ABC, however, is milking this appearance by Hannah for all its worth.

When the exes run into each other backstage, “what she shares with him will leave them both as confused as ever,” a network press release previously revealed ahead of the three-hour premiere.

The stars must figure out if they still have feelings for each other and “share the same sizzling passion” that was clearly there on The Bachelorette, it also said.

The Bachelor premieres on ABC Monday, January 6, at 8/7c.

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