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It’s the worst kept secret on reality television:

Meri Brown is not a happy person.

The veteran Sister Wives star spent a majority of 2019 penning cryptic messages on Instagram, almost of which painted herself as someone dissatisfied with her life and unclear which direction to take.

Meri Brown in 2019

It’s hard to blame her for feeling that way, isn’t it?

This is someone trapped in a polygamous marriage.

This is someone who may have been swept off her feet many years ago by Kody Brown and someone who was sold polygamy as an exciting and loving sort of set-up…

… but then someone who tried to split from her husband back in 2015, only to be caught in a humilating catfishing scandal and basically forced to remain in an unpleasant relationship.

We really do feel for Meri, you know?

Meri Brown is Haunted

But Meri likely doesn’t want our sympathy.

At the moment, in fact, she wants everyone to know that she has big plans for the year ahead — in terms of how she wants to approach it, that is.

“2020 smells like healing, transformation, blessings and success,” Meri shared to her Instagram Story this weekend, writing those words over a photo of a long road.

Might the healing and transformation aspects of this goal have anything to do with her relationship with her husband, Kody, or her sister wives — Janelle, Christine and Robyn?

It’s also been no secret that Meri isn’t on the best of terms with these family members, not after she was forced to use her own money to open a bed and breakfast because her fellow wives refused to support this endeavor.

The establishment is now two years old and humming along pretty well, no thanks to any of the aforementioned women.

The newest season of Sister Wives, meanwhile, will debut  on TLC on January 5 — and the trailer for it suggests that Meri and Kody are still struggling in their marriage.

See for yourself here:

Sister Wives Season 14 Trailer: Kody Brown Reveals a Nasty Surprise

Even though both halves of the married couple committed to leaving the “bad energy” in their marriage behind when they moved with the family to Flagstaff, Arizona… there was still a lot of tension between Kody and Meri in the teaser for the new season.

“We’re a family, but we’re not acting married,” Kody says to his therapist in the footage above.

“He doesn’t want to move forward with trying to work things out with me,” Meri adds.

Seriously, things do NOT bode well for these two.

Meri Brown is Actually Happy

It’s gotten to the point where some believe Meri will leave Sister Wives at some point this year, which is why her message about 2020 is so intriguing.

In the tell-all episode of the previous Sister Wives season, Kody explained howhis relationship with Meri was still strained due to years of mistrust.

“It’s a matter of trust,” he noted. “And it’s a matter of spending five years in Las Vegas without trust.

"There was an energy at our house, and the cul-de-sac, but even to have it brought up again is nothing, because we’ve moved to Flagstaff, and we’ve left that behind us.”

Have they really, however? We’ll start to find out this Sunday night!