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O, Canda?

For the world’s most famous couple, it reportedly is more like this:

Oh, wow, Canada! That may be a very cool place to live!

Markle and Prince Harry

Indeed, according to a new and stunning report, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are at least thinking about moving themselves and their son, Archie, to the country of Canada.

Yes, permanently.

“It is true that Harry and Meghan will spend a fair amount of time in Canada over the next couple of months and possibly going forward too," an anonymous friend tells The Sun.

It’s worth remember, of course, that Meghan and Harry just chose to spend the holiday season in Canada as opposed to spending it with the Queen in London.

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It’s also worth remembering that Markle filmed the USA Network drama Suits in Toronto back when she worked as an actress; she’s very familiar with this country.

Does this mean she and her handsome husband could really locate there, however?

“Right now they are starting talks with their family about their plans for the future. Those conversations are at a very early stage," this same newspaper reports, alleging a chat with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles is on the way and adding:

“There is a very careful and serious process to go through, which they are going to respect.

"But it is clear they are on a different and unique path, and they are very much thinking about what the future looks like for them."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in S. Africa

Marke and Harry would shatter Royal protocol if they actually moved to a different nation.

However, the couple has basically been accused of disrespecting Royal protocol for well over a year noow.

Talk of Markle feuding with Kate Middleton refuses to go away, while various anonymous sources continue to claim long-time members of the Royal Family think Markle is a pompous American.

“It’s been a very tough year — they’re newlyweds and they have a young baby — so they’re looking at what their life looks like in the future. Everything is on the table," adds The Sun.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Get Fancy
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At one point, there was chatter about Markle and Harry moving to Africa.

This speculation has died down of late, although articles about the tension between Archie’s parents and all other Royals certainly remain.

Harry and Meghan spent their first Christmas with little Archie at a rented $14.1 million home in Vancouver Island.

It was cold there, but also a pretty huge success, this friend tells this publication.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in S. Africa

“Meghan feels comfortable and at home [in Canada] because she lived there for seven years before meeting Harry," the insider says, concluding as follows:

"They very much enjoyed their time over Christmas and New Year where they weren’t pictured once and were left alone…

"They took a genuine break over Christmas. But they are back working and planning the launch of the Sussex Royal Foundation" and have no current plans to move away froom Great Britain.

But this is something to keep one’s eye on moving forward.