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If you’ve been following The Bachelor Spoilers, you already knew that Victoria Fuller is controversial on multiple levels.

Well, Victoria F’s latest scandal is really making fans question Peter’s taste. Is he cool with racism?

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Fair warning, folks, that there will be a number of spoilers for Peter’s season in this article.

We’ll warn you when those begin, down at the bottom.

But first, we’re going to talk about the scandal itself, which is just not endearing Victoria to anyone at all.

Victoria Fuller was already causing a stir when a number of her acquaintances leaked that she’s an alleged homewrecker.

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Now, a cheating man is always the primary wrongdoer, not the side piece. 

But according to the accusations released a short time after Victoria’s casting was announced, she has a pattern of doing this.

Worse, she allegedly does this to her friends — which means that she, too, is betraying their trust.

A man can tell a side piece anything about his relationship if she doesn’t know his girlfriend. But when everybody knows each other, it’s different.

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So what’s the new scandal? A series of photos of Victoria Fuller sporting "White Lives Matter" hats.

The hats are blue and feature the white letters "WLM" prominently, and yes, that’s really the acronym.

Even "All Lives Matter" is nothing more than a dog whistle that white supremacists use to try to drown out black protesters who don’t like being murdered.

With that in mind, anyone seeing these photos has to wonder if Victoria F is some kind of straight-up nazi.

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The good news is that the photos aren’t quite as bad as they appear.

First of all, Victoria is a model, so sometimes posing with a hat with an ojbectively bad slogan on it is part of the job.

(And remember, sometimes models get photoshopped into new outfits altogether, like the models of color in stock photos who now appear in Trump swag)

Second of all, the "White Lives Matter" slogan isn’t so much about white nationalism as it is about … fish.

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Yes, there’s a company that sells swag for marlin conservation using that slogan, and we are not making that up.

"Marlin Conservation can be such a beautiful thing," reads Victoria F’s photo’s caption on Facebook.

The caption continues: "Here’s To Our Newest Model Helping us Spread The Word."

Modeling for something is a job, not an endorsement. And, again, this is about fish.

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Clearly, "WLM" is in reference to a specific type of Marlin, but everyone has to wonder why in the world anyone would choose that slogan.

Why, for example, did they not go with "MLM," a much more intuitive slogan for Marlin Lives Matter?

Well, MLM already stands for two things — multi-level marketing, also known as pyramid schemes. We all know someone in one of those.

MLM also stands for "men (who) love men," an umbrella term for men who are gay, bi, pan, or use another label.

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We can only speculate as to the motivations behind why someone would come up with a deeply controversial slogan in the name of conservation.

Maybe their target demographic would prefer for people to assume that they’re white nationalists than gay?

But it seems more likely that they were trying to court controversy in order to attract attention and awareness.

Either way, Victoria Fuller is not, to the best of our knowledge, trying to silence or harass black people protesting murders committed by police.

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Here is where some spoilers begin, so read at your own risk.

TMZ reports that they got their hands on evidence that Victoria and Peter went on a walk with her dog, Buxton, in October.

This wasn’t just any walk — this was in her hometown. That means hometown dates, which confirms that she made it very far in Peter’s season.

Victoria is a controversial young woman, so if she’s sticking around this long in the season, viewers are in for a roller coaster.