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Back in November, a car dealership owned by Josh Duggar was raided by Homeland Security agents.

Little is known about what prompted the raid, and the Duggars insist it was all a big misunderstanding.

Josh Duggar: Back on the 'Gram
Photo via Instagram

Needless to say, their critics remain unconvinced.

For one thing, every time a new scandal emerges, the Duggars claim it’s a big misunderstanding.

That’s pretty much their mantra at this point.

Adding to the suspicion that there’s more going on here than meets the eye is the fact that Josh Duggar disappeared from public view the day of the raid, and he just now re-emerged.

Josh Duggar at Church

Anna Duggar posted the above pic on Sunday.

"Happy Sunday! ‘I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.’ Psalm 122:1," she captioned the photo.

Yes, it’s a church photo, and yes, Josh and Anna are pretending nothing is out of the ordinary.

Anna’s husband began keeping a low profile on social media shortly after the Josh Duggar sex scandals of 2015.

Josh Duggar on Election Day
Photo via Instagram

But his latest disappearance is interesting for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, Josh and Anna just welcomed their sixth child.

On top of that, there’s been an effort lately to rebuild Josh’s reputation.

This coincided nicely with the birth of baby Maryella, and many expected that Josh would continue his attempts to distract from his past sex crimes by shifting the focus to what a stand-up family man he’s become.

Josh Kisses Anna
Photo via Instagram

Those efforts were derailed by the raid, of course, and Josh once again disappeared from social media, not even appearing in any of his family’s Christmas party pics.

(Insiders say he did not attend his parents’ annual shindig, partially because of the stench of scandal that seems to follow him everywhere he goes these days.)

Josh’s disappearing act has led to rumors that he’s concerned about his upcoming legal entanglements.

Thus far, the Duggars have been surprisingly successful with regard to keeping the nature of the investigation under wraps.

Josh Duggar Is Back
Photo via Facebook

As far as anyone knows, no charges have been filed, and Josh is not facing jail time.

Still, a Homeland Security raid is a very big deal, and government agencies don’t go to such lengths unless they have reason to believe some laws are being broken.

The agency investigates matters pertaining to human trafficking and undocumented workers, so it’s widely believed that the raid was a result of Josh’s hiring practices.

"We were shocked to see a news report today state that our home was raided by federal law enforcement agencies. This is not true. To the best of our knowledge, it’s also not true that any member of our family is the target of any investigation of any kind," the Duggars said in a statement issued after the raid.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

"Living a life in the public’s eye has taught us that it is best not to reply to every rumor and piece of ‘fake news’ that is circulated online," the statement continued. 

"It would be a full-time job if we attempted to do so. However, because of tonight’s media coverage we thought it is important to address this rumor with you. Thank you for the love and support that we can always count on in you our fans and friends."

The Duggars claim that no raid occurred was promptly contradicted by a Homeland Security agent who confirmed that the news of an investigation.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.