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Five years ago, Vicki Gunvalson perfectly predicted Meghan King Edmonds’ divorce from Jim Edmonds.

Now, Jim is ringing in the new year by slamming Vicki as a reality star and as a human being. Wow.

Photo via Instagram

Few things in this world have more Divorced Dad Energy(TM) than a man pushing 50 going to the gym and broadcasting it on social media.

That’s exactly what Jim Edmonds is doing, and we’re not knocking him for it at all — just observing that it’s exaclty what you might expect him to do.

"Day one of trying to start over (yes it took me this long)," Jim announced on Instagram alongside a gym photo.

He admits: "I allowed my situation to get the best of me."

Photo via Instagram

Jim then vows: "But I will not allow lies and false accusations to bring me down ever again."

"I’m finally back in the gym and trying to get myself together," he announces.

"The struggle is real for all of us… me included!" Jim acknowledges.

He concludes his Instagram post’s caption: "Thank you to everyone that supported me."

Vicki Gunvalson Calls It

Famously, Vicki Gunvalson predicted almost 5 years ago that Meghan King Edmonds would be divorced "in 5 years."

This isn’t hindsight. This was caught on camera. There are, as you can see, gifs of that moment enshrined for posterity.

As it turns out, she was exactly right. Jim Edmonds moved out just two months ago, and Vicki’s prediction is sounding very true.

But Jim is neither in the mood to congratulate Vicki on being right nor to team up with her to take down his very recent ex.

"Don’t forget to call Vicki," one fan writes, who later clarifies that they’re suggesting a team-up.

That fan notes: "It’s been 5 years…lol!"

That may be a little insensitive, but sometimes people have a hard time empathizing over social media.

But Jim’s reply was simple and direct. Of Vicki, he writes: "She sucks."

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

It seems clear that Jim Edmonds is not adopting a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" attitude.

Either that, or he does not consider Meghan to be his enemy. That’s probably healthy, given that they share young children.

In fact, it’s been just one month since the two exes hammered out a custody agreement.

It’s also possible that Jim sees Meghan as an adversary, but just despises Vicki too much to ever consider an alliance. 

Meghan Edmonds and Jim Edmonds Together

Jim isn’t a Real Housewife, and, for now, Meghan isn’t one either. They’re not paid to have drama. They’re out here doing it for free.

However, many fans have been buzzing at the idea that she might return to the show.

After all, Meghan’s life is filled with drama at the moment.

Besides, maybe that "casting shake-up" that Andy has been teasing will include some returning faces.

Jim Edmonds and Meghan Edwards Image

As for the lies that Jim is describing, he claims that he told Meghan "in her ear" that they were divorcing, that she did not find out in the press.

He says that he has no control over his adult daughter’s rants against Meghan.

Honestly, if Meghan does rejoin the show, it could amplify the drama, rather than just putting it under a microscope.

We’d love to see her back on screen, but she probably doesn’t want her on-screen behavior used against her in court, if it comes to that.