Jay Smith: My Probation is Over! I'm SO Proud of Myself!

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90 Day Fiance alum Jay Smith is spending his January doing more than just insisting that he hasn't knocked up his girlfriend or any side pieces.

He just marked a major milestone -- the end of his probation for violating Ashley's Protection From Abuse order.

Jay Smith Breaks the Law

Jay Smith has opened up to In Touch Weekly, telling the tabloid about his feelings now that his probation has come to an end.

"Being on probation, I was really scared," Jay begins.

He confesses that he felt uncertainty "not knowing if I was going to slip up or violate my probation in any way."

“But now that I’m off," Jay announces, "I’m really proud of myself that I didn’t make any mistakes."

Jay Smith Mugshot

"Now, I’m back stronger and better than ever!" Jay proclaims.

He says that it is "Time to chase my dreams and make wonderful things happen."

Jay is here in the US, but recently has been looking to move somewhere outside of Pennsylvania.

He is a tattoo artist and is passionate about the subject.

Jay Smith Poses

"Today was wonderful," he gushes.

"My probation officer was really easygoing,” he reveals.

“He just wished me the best in life and told me to stay out of trouble," Jay recalls.

He adds: "And then said, ‘See you on TV soon, Mr. Smith.’"

Jay Smith Fakes a Smile

Ashley Martson also spoke about her ex-husband's legal milestone.

"I just hope he learned his lesson," she expresses.

Ashley continues, saying that she hopes that he knows better now "and respects any future woman he chooses to be with."

"He just needs to keep his distance," she concludes, "and I will be fine."

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith in Happier Times

Jay is talking about no longer being on probation from that time that he violated his ex-wife's restraining order after he allegedly abused her.

It is beyond weird to hear him describe that as if he's some sort of survivor.

We would also ask how exactly one can wonder if they will violate their probation. 

That said, it's very on-brand for Jay to talk about the consequences of his own actions as if they were unfair persecution, and to act as if his behavior is not under his control.

Jay Smith Posts Yet Another Thirst Trap

Jay is and always will be remembered by 90 Day Fiance fans as a notorious cheater.

He cheated on Ashley immediately after their marriage, connecting with a high school girl on Tinder and then video chatting with her.

He also boned a girl at a barber shop, though that time, he actually faced a consequence -- getting roughed up by the owner. Yes, there's a video.

Ashley actually took him back after that. He cheated again and again after that.

Jay Smith Looks Bewildered

Even after Jay spent almost all of July in ICE custody after flagrantly violating Ashley's PFA, they ended up getting back together months later.

It was an especially hard pill to swallow for Ashley's fans, who hated watching her torture herself with a man who will never behave himself.

Fortunately, the horror show is over. Ashley and Jay finalized their divorce in November.

There are women in the world who don't mind being cheated upon. But let's hope that Jay never again does anything that might warrant another PFA.

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