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We can always rely on Grey’s Anatomy to deliver some crazy twists and turns. 

Thursday’s midseason premiere picked up with Helm, Simms, and Parker arriving at Grey Sloan Memorial worse for wear after their brush with death.

But the night was far from over, and their lives were on the line throughout the installment. 

Teddy and Amelia on Grey's Anatomy
(ABC/Christopher Willard)

Helm was rushed into a room to be looked over, only for her and Link to come to the same conclusion: She could lose her left foot unless surgery was performed quickly. 

Wowza, right?

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you know the show likes to play with expectations, so the stage was set for Helm to take her final breath. 

That was further solidified when she told Meredith she loved her, but Meredith barely had time to take notice of the admission before Levi collapsed. 

Photo via ABC/Christopher Willard

Levi was in the bar when the car crashed into it, but there were no visible signs that he was harmed. All he cared about throughout the explosive episode was that Helm pulled through. 

Meredith did some checks on Levi and gave him the fright of his life when she revealed that the symptoms he was having were linked to a heart attack. 

When Teddy investigated, she realized that he was suffering from Broken Heart Syndrome. Yes, really. 

Just as that was playing out Helm flat-lined, forcing the doctors to work overtime to try to restart her heart.

There was a lot of foreshadowing, meaning that Helm was very likely going to die, but to the surprise of everyone, she pulled through. 

Photo via ABC/Christopher Willard

As for Parker, he had PTSD after a nasty bump on the head. A CT scan performed by Teddy and Amelia confirmed as much, but the two women were too busy chatting about their complicated relationship with Owen to notice the veteran making a mad dash from the room. 

After scouring the CCTV footage, Amelia and Teddy found him hiding in the airlocked room, with Teddy theorizing that it reminded him of a bomb shelter. Teddy subsequently told Amelia that there isn’t a great support system in place for veterans. 

Which brings us to Simms, Tom’s protégé. If someone was going to die this episode, it seemed obvious it would be him. He was in surgery for most of the episode, but he survived … for now. 

Given that Simms is yet to recover fully, there could be complications down the line for him. 

Bailey In Trouble on Grey's Anatomy

Four residents were in danger throughout the episode, and all four survived. That’s a rare feat for this show, but we’ll take these wins while we can!

Bailey barely got a moment to process her miscarriage before she learned that Ben was trapped in the bar, and when they got to the hospital, all she could think about was saving every member of her staff. 

After giving Ben and Richard hospital privileges, she broke down about how there was no way she would be able to see her unborn child living or even get a chance to save her life. 

It was harrowing, to say the least, and there’s a very good chance Bailey will need to take some time away from the hospital to grieve the insurmountable loss. 

Is Webber Drinking?
(ABC/John Fleenor)

Other bombshells dropped in this installment:

– Meredith started to understand there was more to the hot Irish gift Christina sent her when they had a genuine conversation

– DeLuca worried about how to apologize to Meredith, so he turned to Maggie for assistance. 

– Maggie got the good news that her patient survived, but some bad news followed it. She was being sued for the death of her cousin, Sabie. 

– Owen finally plucked up the courage to propose to Teddy, and they made their engagement official by shouting it across the hospital. 

– Amelia pulled Link aside to tell him something about the baby, but her demeanor changed when she heard Owen and Teddy were engaged. She then claimed to that they were having a boy, but her reaction certainly made it look like she was telling him something different. Is Link really the father? 

– Jo initially refused to take the baby back to the hospital, but Link gave her a logical way to do the right thing, and she returned the child. Meredith understood why Jo stole the child, but she said that she was a convicted felon, so there’s that. 

What did you think of the midseason premiere? Hit the comments below. 

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.