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For months, 90 Day Fiance star Tim Malcolm has been clapping back at bizarre rumors about both his sexuality and anatomy.

One of the rumor-spreaders was Dean Hashim, who was recently expelled from Pillow Talk … and appears to be blaming Tim for his firing.

Tim Malcolm Mirror Selfie

First, a brief refresher.

Tilm Malcolm appeared on 90 Day Fiance while romancing Jeniffer Taranoza, but Jeniffer and fans were baffled when he turned down sex.

He also like self-care routines, taking care of his skin and body instead of just casually existing in his flesh prison.

This prompted rumors that Tim was secretly gay. Some made odd and confused claims that he was a trans man, hiding his anatomy from Jeniffer.

Dean Hashim on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk

On social media, Dean made a vague reference to being betrayed by "family" while discussing no longer being on Pillow Talk.

"#youaintCainandIaintAbel #youallouttapocket #keepthatsameenergyinpublic #tellemwhatyoudid #timhadnothingtodowithitATALL," he tagged.

While no one would consider Dean and Tim to be family let alone brothers, Dean clearly opted to bring up Tim just to shoot things down.

Fans immediately wondered if Dean had been fired for odd comments in interviews, speculating that Tim had no (literal) balls.

Tim Malcolm and Jeniffer Tarazona in Face Masks

Tim Malcolm is clearly exhasperated with hearing his name come up in a story that has nothing to do with him, and they had a back and forth.

"I’m gonna address something about Mr. f–king Dean Hashim — Dean, shut the f–k up!" Tim demanded.

He expressed: "I’m so sick of every f–king day for the last couple days I’ve gotten online and all I’ve seen is Dean Hashim running his mouth about Tim Malcolm."

"You know because you and I have the same f–king boss at the end of the day," Tim said, beginning to share some behind-the-scenes information. 

Tim Malcolm Selfie

Tim shared that someone involved with 90 Day Fiance "called me when you ran your f–king mouth and made transphobic comments."

"And I begged them not to fire your ass,” Tim recalled. “F–k your goddamn stupid apology that you’re so butthurt about that I didn’t respond."

He explained: "I took the high f–king road and didn’t respond to you."

One can see how Tim might feel frustrated by having so many people, including Dean, talk about him.

Tim and Jeniffer

Tim has made it clear that he never begrudged Dean for what he said on Pillow Talk — talking trash on that show was his literal job.

It was only when Dean made further comments on an interview that it got under Tim’s skin. That was going above and beyond.

Despite this heated social media feud between the two men, we should remember that none of this seems to be about Tim.

And while the video back-and-forth that we’ve included may be entertaining, Dean’s own words may shed more light on his firing.

Dean and Tim clearly dislike each other. Dean says that he has no beef with the LGBTQ+ community, of which Tim is not a part.

But in Dean’s tags, he refers to betrayal by someone he considered to be like family. He probably doesn’t mean Tarik.

The culprit behind Dean’s removal from the show appears to be totally unrelated to his drama with Tim, who never wanted Dean fired.

Our big question is who could it be, and what did they do? A lot of fans are mad that Dean and Tarik are gone and replaced by Danielle Mullins Jbali.