Cuban Link: Girlfriend of Famed Douchecanoe 50 Cent ORDERED to Take Down Hot Pic!

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Even though 50 Cent is no stranger to body-shaming women, this time, he's getting accused of being more than just a douchecanoe.

After he forced his girlfriend Cuban Link (apparently a real name) to delete an Instagram photo, fans are accusing him of being creepily controlling.

Cuban Link and 50 Cent

"I kilt the gym today," Cuban wrote on Instagram. "Or maybe the gym kilt me."

"But either way," she continued, "I won!"

Cuban's caption continued with a hashtag that reads: "Laundry Day Don't Mind The Bed."

Accompanying her caption was a tantalizing glimpse at her abdomen and the curve of her (clothed) hip. Definitely a thirst trap.

Cuban Link IG thirst trap 50 Cent comment

Cuban is dating notorious rapper 50 Cent, who saw the photo of his gorgeous girlfriend ... but was far from impressed.

"I just landed," 50 Cent commented alongside a series of unhappy emojis. "Now why you gotta be doing s--t like this?"

"You send this s--t to my phone," he demanded, "not to Instagram."

"What the f--k?" he asked at the end.

Cuban Link Models Lingerie

Possibly realizing that it was he, not Cuban, who had posted something unacceptable online, 50 Cent later added a softer comment.

"Very pretty baby, see you don’t need to go out," he wrote.

50 Cent then added: "Plus, it’s a snow storm it’s nasty out."

"Stay in the house," he concluded his comment, as if concerned that she would wander the streets in her underwear. "LOL."


Softer follow-up comment or not, Cuban did delete the post.

50 Cent is a notorious jerk, so it's not really surprising to witness that he has weird control issues.

Naturally, 50 Cent's detractors -- that is, people who know anything about 50 Cent and possess basic moral reasoning -- are giving him hell.

What kind of tool forces his girlfriend to delete a safe-for-Instagram thirst trap? 50 Cent, that's who.

Cuban Link

"But she was doing that before you are sure that’s how she got his attention now. It’s a problem," one person comments.

"Pretty sure this, not the first time, if she was doing this before yall was together, and you saw that what made you think it would be different?" another asks.

They continue: "Gotta take ppl for what they are at the moment you decide to be with them, they will change up certain behaviors if they want."

Cuban Link boxers edit

In other words, these fans are suggesting that 50 Cent not try to forcibly change someone he's dating. Date someone hot, they're gonna stay hot.

It's worth noting that Cuban is not only an aspiring corporate attorney, but an avid fitness nut who encourages others to follow in her footsteps.

That is to say that part of her business is showing off the results of all of her hard work at the gym.

Curtis Jackson

When 50 Cent orders her to delete hot photos because he has weird, jealous hangups about her body, he's also hurting her business.

But let's be honest -- he also appears to be behaving in a toxic and controlling manner. You don't order people to take down their pics.

We don't know what sort of choices one goes through in life that they end up dating 50 Cent. We just hope that it's worth it for Cuban.

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