Brandi Redmond Flees Into Rehab After Racist Video Resurfaces

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The past is coming back to bite The Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond in a real way.

After a shocking, racist video resurfaced, Brandi's flight from critics has taken her all the way to rehab.

Brandi Redmond on Instagram

Brandi Redmond is taking some personal time to "reflect and better herself," and she's doing it in rehab.

Her rep has confirmed that she has checked into a wellness center after a recent firestorm of controversy.

According to the rep's statement, Brandi's aim is to "reflect and better herself."

Her stay at the facility will only last a few days.

Brandi Redmond On Watch What Happens Live Season 13

"She will be back with us next week," the rep revealed.

The statement affirmed: "We support her on this journey of healing and ask that you join us in that."

It's always interesting to hear when someone who does a bad thing is then the one who needs to "heal."

In some cultures, it's usually the victims who need support and time to recover. Maybe things work differently down in Dallas.

brandi redmond racist video still

Why are people being so harsh with Brandi? Because of a recently resurfaced video of Brandi in which she gets super racist.

"They ask me what Asian I am because my eyes, they squinty," she says in a video while doing a deeply offensive accent.

To make matters worse, her daughters are in the background, giggling at her mother's aggressively racist bit.

Before anyone complains about dredging up the past, this isn't from 2010 or when she was a teen. This is from 2017. She was almost 40.

brandi redmond apology tweet

"A video resurfaced of me from three years ago," Brandi tweeted in an apology on January 4.

She continued: "Which at the time I had posted and quickly deleted."

"And then immediately apologized for my insensitivity," Brandi claimed.

She concluded: "I would like to once again sincerely apologize for my offensive actions."

brandi redmond tweet defends racist video

That's interesting, as a screenshot of one of her alleged old tweets tells a different story.

"It's a good impersonation if I do say so myself," Brandi's apparent tweet from that time reads.

"And there was no harm done," she claimed.

"I would do it again for a damn good audition," Brandi appears to have written, telling the critic: "Have a great day"

Brandi Redmond

It is unfortunately normal for some children to parrot what they hear from Twitch streamers or on YouTube or from crass cartoons that jumped the shark over a decade ago.

The response should always be to approach these teens and young adults and explain why their crude, racist immitations are hurtful and how it's normal to make mistakes.

But Brandi is a grown woman and was doing this in front of her children. That adds extra layers of horror to her racist mockery.

To make matters worse, it now appears that she is using a rehab stint in the hopes that it can rehabilitate, not her mental health, but her public image.

It's true that everyone makes mistakes, but as she surely knows, sometimes, those mistakes lead to social consequences.

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