Anna Duggar Bullied on Reddit: We Hate Your Daughter's Name and We're Sick of Her Photos!

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The Duggars have often claimed that they steer clear of social media comment sections as much as possible.

Of course, the frequency with which they respond to both praise and criticism from their followers seems to serve as evidence to the contrary.

Anna and Maryella

But for Anna Duggar's sake, we hope she actually follows the advice of Jim Bob and Michelle and gives the haters a very wide berth.

As you're likely aware, Anna gave birth to her sixth child back in November.

She named the little girl Maryella after Jim Bob's mother Mary Duggar, who passed away last year.

As is customary for new moms -- especially new moms with the last name Duggar -- Anna has been sharing a lot of pics of little Maryella on social media.

Maryella on Instagram

But for reasons that aren't entirely clear, the response she's received online has been astonishingly cruel.

Most of the hate seems to be happening on Reddit, where Anna is getting roasted for everything from the frequency of her posts to the captions she writes for her photos.

"Maryella Hope is growing so fast! #littleduggars," Anna wrote for the pic above.

For some reason, that simple sentence sent some Reddit users into a rage.

Maryella Duggar Image

“That hashtag makes me roll my eyes so damn hard. It’s not as bad as little duggars but damn close. Give the duck up, Anna,” one user wrote.

“What a time to be alive that a baby’s name is a hashtag for social media,” another echoed.

“Thank you! I don’t understand the fascination with these things. You do you and all, but I don’t have time to sit and line up individual letters to make a ‘witty’ saying,” a third chimed in.

Now, #littleduggars is very clearly a coordinated branding campaign likeky geared toward securing a spinoff show for the next generation when they get a little older.

Maryella Hope Duggar

So, it's quite alright to make fun of that.

But hashtagging a baby's name really isn't all that unusual in 2020.

And if you think the folks of Reddit are being too hard on Anna already, you may not want to read any further.

Some of the site's bitterest trolls decided to attack Amy for what she chose to name her little girl.

Duggars at Play

“Sounds like a disease, like Salmonella and Rubella,” wrote one user.

“I truly thought it said mozzarella at first," another echoed.

Now, we're actually okay with the occasional clever joke about a baby's unusual name.

After all, you're more making fun of the parents than the kid, and the Duggars have trotted out some truly ridiculous monikers over the years.

Anna Duggar and a Child

(Spurgeon Seewald, anyone?)

But in this case, the "jokes" are coming off as particularly cruel, in part because of the origin of Maryella's name.

This is one of those times where we'll remind you that there are plenty of legitimate reasons to make fun of Anna -- like the fact that she's still married to Josh Duggar, for example.

So maybe stick with the current list of accepted topics and leave her kids out of it?

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