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The year is still young, but already, 2020 has seen more than a few famous figures leave this world far too soon.

The latest is particularly tragic: Alexis Eddy, best known for her appearances on MTV’s Are You the One?

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As you may have heard from multiple news reports yesterday, Eddy passed away this week at the age of 23.

Throughout her short time in the spotlight, Alexis was candid about her struggles with substance abuse.

It was a battle that played a role in her undoing.

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Friday, her beloved grandmother has confirmed to Radar Online that it was Alexis’ addiction that claimed her life.

“It was an OD,” her grandmother, Carol Efaw, told the elebrity gossip outlet before being overcome by tears.

“She caught ahold of it again.”

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Efaw did not go into detail with regard to the nature of the substance that caused Alexis to overdose and pass away.

She says that while Alexis’ death came as a shock, it was certainly foreshadowed to those who knew Eddy best.

The pain of her loss is no less acute.

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“My son and daughter-in-law are devastated,” Efaw said, reeling from the tragic news. “Alexis was a lost soul.”

From there, Efaw suggested that Alexis’ condition was exacerbated by her sudden turn on the MTV hit show.

“Those shows mess up kids,” Efaw said.

“She is not hurting anymore at least." 

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Nothing could make Eddy’s situation any sadder, but the fact that she devoted the final years of her life to getting sober makes her untimely demise especially poignant and tragic.

Moreover, she was helping others get sober as well.

She captioned the above picture:

"Here’s the first picture of my father and me, both sober and healthy, we’ve ever been blessed enough to take. Overwhelmed with gratefulness today."

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Yes, it seems addiction ran in Eddy’s family.

But rather than giving in and thinking of herself as a victim, she sought treatment and happily shared news of her progress with fans.

"Recovery at its finest 😉 Gr8ful 2 b clean & sober," she captioned this pic, taken outside of the treatment center where she first got clean.

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“If I can be an example of getting sober … then I can be an example of starting over,” she wrote on Twitter in August 2019.

There’s no word on exactly when Eddy relapsed.

Her cause of death has not yet been made official, as investigators are still awaiting the results of a toxicology report.

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MTV has yet to respond to allegations from the family that Eddy’s sudden fame played some role in her downward spiral.

Our thoughts go out to Alexis’ loved ones at this time, and we hope anyone struggling with addiction finds the help they need.

It’s never too late.