Deavan Clegg Looks Unrecognizable After Fixing Botched Lips!

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Just under a month ago, in mid-November, 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg revaled her botched lip filler nightmare.

Her attempt to gently plump her lips resulted in a hideously disfiguring complication that could have marred her looks for life.

Fortunately, she received treatment just in time.

Now that she has had four weeks to recover, Deavan is finally unveiling her face, post-recovery.

She looks so different than she did before she attempted to get fillers. Take a look, below!

1. Deavan has always been a beautiful young woman

Deavan has always been a beautiful young woman
That has not changed, but as you're about to see, she now looks distinctly different.

2. She and Jihoon have been through a lot this year

She and Jihoon have been through a lot this year
We don't just mean their first foray into reality television, of course, but that's definitely part of it

3. They're a happy family

They're a happy family
Deavan, her two children Drascilla and Taeyang, and Jihoon are making things work after circumstances and horniness brought them together.

4. Deavan became pregnant again

Deavan became pregnant again
She didn't plan on it, and it wasn't either of them who made the decision to inform fans.

5. Deavan was furious

Deavan was furious
She had been asking in a closed Facebook Group to find out what it's like to give birth in South Korea, in case it came to that, and someone spilled the news to the world.

6. Then came the really bad news

Then came the really bad news
At almost the exact same time as news of Deavan's second pregnancy with Jihoon leaked, Deavan and Jihoon were filled with grief.

7. They suffered a miscarriage

They suffered a miscarriage
THIS, folks, is why couples wait until they're ready before they announce a pregnancy. Whatever formerly-trusted person who leaked the news just compounded their grief.

8. That wasn't the end of it, either

That wasn't the end of it, either
Further drama arose after Deavan explained that she and Jihoon HAVE to live in South Korea because she has a deranged relative in the US and she feels safer out of that person's reach.

9. Unfortunately ...

Unfortunately ...
Deavan explained that Jihoon could realistically move to the uS at any point. THG explained to fans at the time that Jihoon had this freedom that some other 90 Day Fiance non-American stars lacked because white nationalists who are setting immigration policy are not currently focused upon South Korea. This was mentioned to clear up confusion, but Deavan threw a fit.

10. She went off

She went off
In a series of videos, Deavan insisted that she doesn't think that America is racist because she, personally, has not experienced much racism in Utah as a white-passing American woman. She also indicated her support for Donald Trump.

11. That didn't go over well

That didn't go over well
Deavan was even gently shaded by castmate Avery Mills, who spoke about the abhorrent amount of racism and other bigotry that she has experienced -- even as a white woman -- because of her husband and because she is Muslim.

12. Then came a very different problem

Then came a very different problem
Like so many reality stars, Deavan decided to try lip fillers. She found a reputable doctor, but unfortunately, this person was not an expert on the procedure. Things aren't always as simple as they look.

13. She was so miserable

She was so miserable
Deavan wasn't just embarrassed, she was in pain -- and some of the tissue of her lips was dying.

14. This looks SO painful!

This looks SO painful!
Deavan shared a series of images -- showing that there was a litle bit of hope.

15. Guess who helped out?

Guess who helped out?
Larissa Lima, no stranger to non-surgical cosmetic procedures, recommended an expert to Deavan who was able to help.

16. Deavan was grateful

Deavan was grateful
She and Larissa never shared a season, but Larissa helped her anyway.

17. Take a look:

Take a look:
Deavan went live on Instagram to give fans and followers a glimpse at what it was like to remove the improperly injected fillers.

18. Still, it was no simple matter

Still, it was no simple matter
Deavan shared this other photo of her battered lips via John Yates, 90 Day Fiance blogger extraordinaire.

19. Look at her now!

Look at her now!
Deavan has now revealed what her face looks like after recoving from that harrowing fillers accident.

20. Here's another look

Here's another look
Sometimes, you get a better impression of what a person really looks like when they're speaking in a video.

21. That's so different!

That's so different!
Keep in mind that this is after weeks of healing. We're sure that Jihoon still recognizes her for the beauty that she is.

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