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Meri Brown has become known of late for leaving mysterious messages on her Instagram account.

Sister Wives fans are often left to try and interpret what the reality star is trying to say in these posts.

This is not the case for Meri’s most recent social media note, however.

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There’s nothing confusing about what Brown wrote on her Instagram Story this week; there’s simply something for followers to feel awful about from her past.

Seemingly affected by a friend having just suffered a miscarriage, the veteran TLC personality took to this page and hearkened back a dozen years.

The 48-year old reflected upon her own traumatic experience with a loss of this nature, opening her message as follows:

I woke up this morning thinking about how it would be to have my 12-year-old boy with me at Christmas this year.

Continued Brown, earning our perpetual sympathy:

Never thought I’d get the news today that a sweet little mom I know and love would be saying goodbye to her own sweet baby today too. #MiscarriageSucks.

Meri and her spiritual husband, Kody Brown, opened up about her miscarriage on the TLC series back in 2012.

It’s a topic she has not really touched on a lot since, for obvious personal and painful reasons.

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“I completely assumed that after I had [my daughter] Mariah, it would be very easy for me to conceive again," Meri explained back then, adding:

“And that just didn’t happen. So after years of a rollercoaster, we had finally backed off.

"Mariah was about 12, and, you know, I thought, ‘She’s old enough. I don’t need to worry about having any other kids. I’ve got these other kids.’

"I had again got to a point where I was OK not having any kids."

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Brown figured that would be it for her in the parenting department.

"And I was late again,” the reality star continued years ago, detailing what sadly transpired:

“And decided to take another pregnancy test and it was positive again. We had an appointment at the doctor to hear the heartbeat.

"And I was at about 10 weeks. And we were so excited. And we went in and they couldn’t hear the heartbeat."

Simply awful.

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Kody also talked about the miscarriage during the confessional on the show in 2012.

“The doctor just said, ‘This is not a viable pregnancy.’ We were just back to a dark place," said the program patriarch.

Both of the stars were teary during the revelation, as Meri continued:

“I was so frustrated and so angry. I didn’t understand why, after another 12 years of trying, and then, it was just taken away from us. I didn’t understand that. It was really hard."

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Meri has seemingly been in a difficult place for a couple years now.

She doesn’t seem thrilled with her romantic arrangement and there’s constant chatter that she may leave Sister Wives.

We can’t say for certain if this will happen, but we can say that our thoughts continue to go out to Meri.

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Wrote Brown on Instagram in September of 2017, again referencing the loss of her son:

The joy I felt when I found out he was coming was beyond amazing,

The pain I felt when I realized that dream wouldn’t become a reality was an almost unbearable grief.

Passing years ease the pain, but will never diminish the memories and the love.

Septembers come and go, and each year I wonder what he would have looked like, who he would have been, and what would have been in his future.

Sister Wives returns with new episodes on Sunday, January 6.