Tom Cruise: Ya Know Why I Never See Suri? Because She's Not My Kid!

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Tom Cruise is one of the most baffling public figures in history.

He's the poster boy for an organization that's been accused of brainwashing, human trafficking, and using slave labor -- yet somehow, in this post-#MeToo era, he remains one of the most highly-paid stars in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

Cruise has been a Hollywood icon for so long that he's currently riding a nostalgia wave with the upcoming Top Gun sequel -- a project that could never happen without him and that basically serves as a celebration of his decades-long career.

All of this, despite the fact that it's impossible to discuss the actor's personal life without delving into some truly appalling allegations.

Much of the drama in Cruise's life these days involves the actor's relationship with his daughter Suri -- or lack thereof.

Accounts vary, but it's widely agreed that Tom and his 13-year-old daughter have not seen one another in a long time.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

And we're talking veeeeery long time.

Some say Tom hasn't seen Suri in four years.

Others claim it's been even longer.

The sad thing is, all of these insiders agree that Cruise has no intention of making amends and reaching out to his daughter. Ever.

Tom Cruise is Handsome

Tom is allowed to see Suri -- it just looks as though he has no interest in doing so.

There have been several occasions in which the actor and his daughter were in the same city for extended periods of time, yet the elder Cruise made no effort to arrange a rendezvous.

It's been widely assumed that Tom doesn't want to see Suri because of Katie Holmes -- either he fears crossing paths with his ex or worries (rather ironically) that Holmes has "brainwashed" her daughter and convinced her her dad is no good.

(We're guessing Katie didn't have to say much, and Tom's multi-year absence from Suri's life was enough to demonstrate that Dad is a POS.)

Tom Cruise in Berlin

Now, a former Scientologist named Sam Domingo tells Radar Online that Tom would probably like to see his daughter, but if he can't, it's no biggie.

After all, Cruise believes Suri is made up of the same alien dust as everyone else and they'll be reunited in space someday anyway. Seriously.

“I’m sure if he could rescue Suri from the clutches of her mom he would,” Sam tells the outlet.

“But you know what? He can get her in the next lifetime so it doesn’t really matter. She’s not really his daughter.”

Hi, Tom Cruise!

To be clear -- Cruise is well aware that Suri is his biological daughter.

He's just under the impression that all children are interchangeable.

“The church has this idea that children, for example, are just thetans or spirits in the small body,” Sam explains.

“If a kid dies, it doesn’t really matter to them. You can get pregnant and you can have another one, and that spirit you lost can come back in a new body.”

Tom Cruise Red Carpet Image

Domingo adds:

“To him, Suri is just another thetan in a body."

Still, those thetans have assembled themselves in such a way as to form his daughter (We can't with this bonkers BS.), and so, Tom would prefer to have a relationship with Suri.

But he can't, because church officials have labeled the 13-year-old a suppressive person.

Katie Holmes in a Hat

Again, we sh-t you not.

“Tom’s not allowed spiritual counseling in the church if he has any connection with Katie, so Suri would be collateral damage,” Sam claimed.

“He can’t be in any communication with Katie.”

This news comes on the heels of reports that Cruise has forced his older kids to cut ties with Nicole Kidman because she's no longer in the Church.

So if you're considering membership in the Church of Scientology, might we recommend a nice meth habit, instead?

It'll tear your family apart just as quickly, and it's probably a whole lot more fun.

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