Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Hospitalize Daughter Amid Dangerous Fever

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As of their latest social media updates, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are living every parent's worst nightmare.

The former reality stars had to check their daughter, Ember, into the hospital late Tuesday night due to a seriously high spike in her fever.

Roloffs Around Thanksgiving

Jeremy shared the troubling news on his Instagram Story yesterday, with the Little People, Big World alum explaining that he and his wife made a trip to the emergency room.

He didn't sound very supportive of the way they were treated once they were there, either.

"Currently 4 a.m.," Roloff captioned a video from the hospital. "Been here since 10:30 p.m."

In separate footage, Jeremy went into more detail about what was going on with Ember and why he was so frustrated with the visit to the hospital.

Three Happy Roloffs

"Ember's fever spiked pretty bad, and we just decided to go to the ER because of some problems she’s been having all week. She’s just been feeling really sick," Roloff explained, adding:

"The hospital just takes forever so we've been waiting for her urine sample to come back and it's been three-and-a-half hours. It doesn't make any sense."

"Hospitals need fixing,” he captioned the video.

There's certainly a lot one can say about the current health care system, but that's probably content for another day.

At the Farm with Ember

On this day, we're really just concerned about Ember.

Along that note, on her own Instagram Story, Audrey shared a video of her two-year old daughter... dressed in a hospital gown and lying in a hospital bed with a toy bunny.

Those sorts of images simply demolish our hearts into a million tiny pieces.

At 2:30 a.m., Audrey shared a second photo, showing her cradling Ember and writing: "This is how our night has been going…"

Yup, I'm Two!

In a final update at 4:01 a.m. her time, Audrey shared a clip of her resting in bed with Ember, who was enjoying a purple popsicle.

As of this posting, it remains unclear what the toddler is suffering from and if she and her parents have returned home.

This scary drama, of course, is taking place while Audrey is in the final weeks of her second pregnancy.

She and Jeremy are due to welcome a son very soon after the calendar flips to 2020.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Say Cheeese

We can't wait to meet the little guy, but our thoughts remain on Ember at the moment.

Just a month ago, Audrey gushed and gushed her firstborn, listing "10 things Ember has been doing/saying lately that break my heart (in the best way)."

Such as?

"The things and people she prayers for at night based on what we did that day," Audrey wrote at the time.

For the other nine things, click down below:

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