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It would be a massive understatement to say that Demi Lovato has been through quite a lot in her 27 years.

The past 18 months, of course, have been particularly tumultuous for the young singer.

Demi on Instagram

If you’re a fan, you’ll likely recall that Demi nearly died of an overdose during the summer of 2017.

It seems bizarre to use the term "silver lining" when discussing a near-death experience, but some good did come from the situation, as Lovato checked into rehab shortly after leaving the hospital.

These days, Demi is sober, healthy, and filled with her gratitude for her new lease on life.

After such a dramatic and successful rebuilding effort, it’s no surprise that Demi wants the world to know she’s a survivor:

Demi Lovato Tattoo Image

Which likely explains why she chose to get that word tattooed on her neck this week.

The new ink was revealed by esteemed LA tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who posted two pics of Demi on his Instagram page on Tuesday

“On a real one @ddlovato,” he captioned the photo set.

As you can see, the tatt is in a prominent place on Demi’s neck.

Photo via Instagram

While most fans celebrated the meaningful art with comments like "warrior" and "fire," others took issue with the placement.

Demi has several other tattoos, but it’s true that none of them are quite so conspicuously situated.

Regardless, something tells us Demi will never come to regret this one.

In other Demi news, the singer announced recently that she’ll be taking a break from social media.

Demi Lovato for Teen Vogue 2019

Surely, she’ll be missed by fans, but we’re guessing they’ll be happy with her reason for taking a break.

On Wednesday of last week, Lovato posted a plain black square on her Instagram page.

That, too, might have prompted concern from fans, but the caption prompted widespread excitement:

"The next time you hear from me, I’ll be singing…" Demi captioned the pic.

Demi Lovato, Way Up Close

Needless to say, fans were thrilled by the news of Lovato’s long-awaited return to the music world.

We’re guessing even the ones who hate her new tattoo are looking forward to this.

We’d like to offer our sincere congrats to Demi on her sobriety and wish her all the best going forward.

Here’s to health, happiness, and continued dominance of the music industry in 2020.