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Meri Brown just loves to keep followers guessing on Instagram.

The veteran Sister Wives cast member at times seems disgruntled on social media and, at other times, seems to have found some sort of deep meaning in life.

What can’t really be denied, we suppose, is that Meri has been searching for answers for awhile now.

Photo via Instagram

Has she found them?

That can be debated, but Meri seems very happy in the above photo, which took some fans aback when she posted it this month.

Brown apparently enjoyed some quality time recently with Christine and Robyn’s chidlren at the tourist attraction known as the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The TLC personality documented this group’s fun-filled family outing via Instagram, showing them checking out Santa Claus’ sleigh, eating “Snowman Soup” and more.

Photo via Instagram

"Just another fun day with some of the kids at the North Pole!" wrote Meri as a caption to the first picture we’ve published here, adding a number of hashtags to her caption:

#LivingMyWhy, #BecauseICan, #ChristmasTime, #FamilyTime, #Family, #NorthPoleExperience, #Flagstaff.

Was Meri trying to send a message with this picture? It’s hard not to wonder, you know?

There has been constant chatter that Meri wants to leave Sister Wives and pretty much hates life as a polygamous wife.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives

Brown must be aware of these rumors and is perhaps trying to put them to rest by proving that she’s close to Christine and Robyn’s children.

This sighting also comes about two weeks after Meri, her fellow Sister Wives and Kody were all seen out for the first time in… pretty much forever and ever.

The unusual immediate family also spent Thanksgiving together, as evidenced by the following photograph of the group.

Yes, they’ve had their issues, but has everyone finally put these obstacles aside? For the good of their clan? Or at least their reality show and bank accounts?

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019

Wrote Christine as a caption to a photo of herself, Meri, Robyn, Janelle and Kody:

“We feel blessed to be able to embrace our plural family in public. So grateful for open-mindedness #pluralmarriage #pluralmarriage #dinnerwithadults #blessed #family #openminded.”

Sister Wives returns with new episodes on January 6, at which time we simply have to assume that Meri’s apparent dissatisfaction will be a major storyline.

Will she straight-up address talk of her impending departure? Or will the series use this as an ongoing storyline to bump up ratings and interest?

Meri Brown in the Weeds

As for what viewers can expect on this upcoming season?

We’ve combed the Internet and we’ve read the TLC press released and we’ve consolidated all previews and new Sister Wives spoilers in one place.