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The Season 11 premiere of Alaskan Bush People is upon us, but that’s not all that has fans of the series excited.

Bear Brown’s love life has gotten incredibly complicated late this year, and fans think that he’s added yet another twist. Take a look:

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Bear Brown shared this snap of him beside Carly, a safety expert who works on Alaskan Bush People.

"Hey everybody! I’ve always wanted to go mountain climbing! And I finally got my chance!" Bear’s caption begins.

He writes: "I started out with a small cliff, not bad for my first actual climb! I hope to do a lot more in the near future and hone my rock climbing skills!"

"I got the opportunity thanks to the AWESOME safety lady Carly," Bear notes, "who has become a good friend of mine."

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"I went with Ray Kenya and Carly who are all part of the safety team that keeps the crew from our show safe!" Bear explains.

He raves: "My first climb was a total blast and I can’t wait for the next one!"

"The rope is pink because it was Carlys’ special rope," Bear adds. "She was the lead climber, she really knows her stuff!"

"EXTREME points all day long," he concludes. "Here are a couple of pictures from the adventure, my very first climb! Thank you Carly!!!"

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On the surface, that sounds like Bear had a new climbing experience and wanted to use his platform to share it with his fans and followers.

However, Bear elected to pair that caption with a photo of him and Carly, side-by-side.

We are of course not insinuating that anything intimate, unprofessional, or otherwise salacious is going on between Bear and Carly (who appears to not be single).

But is it possible that Bear is trying to make Raiven a little jealous in the hopes of yet another reconciliation.

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At the end of July and beginning of August this year, fans first learned of Raiven Adams, who had been dating Bear for about six months.

By the end of August, the two were happily engaged.

Unfortunately, Raiven was bombarded by hate from Bear’s alleged "fans," and they broke up less than two weeks later.

As another twist, Raiven discovered that she was pregnant. By the end of the month, the two decided to give their relationship another chance.

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However, another couple of weeks later, and Bear and Raiven broke up yet again, though they delayed sharing that with fans.

Raiven is now approximately (literally my best guess based upon the known dates) in the neighborhood of 20 weeks pregnant.

The two of them have always planned to remain friends and to coparent their precious little child when the time comes.

But what if that’s not quite enough for Bear?

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Is he using a friendly outing with some of the crew of the show to stir up jealous feelings in Raiven?

After all, if they reconciled once, there’s always a chance — at least in his mind — that they can do it again.

But as much as fans would like for it to be something more, we’re not sure that Bear is quite cunning enough for a move like that. He’s straightforward.

That said, the fan rumors about Bear at the moment could not have better timing.

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Alaskan Bush People premieres December 4 — as in, Wednesday of this week.

Rumors can be very exciting for some fans. Others may simply be thankful for the reminder about the series premiere.

Again, we don’t think that Bear is a master manipulator who’s deliberately drumming up a new story about himself in order to get attention.

Sometimes, these things happen organically.