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Though fans are already getting hyped for the new 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couples, 90 Day Fiance is still on Season 7.

This week, Mursel came clean to his family about Anna’s kids, and it got so ugly. Is there any hope for this pair of beekeepers?

Anna and Mursel 90 Day Fiance S7 teaser 2

Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu are one of those rare 90 Day Fiance couples who have no age gap whatsoever.

We’re not being judgmental, but it’s nice to see that they’re both 38. A lot of fans worry about the balance of power with big age gaps.

They are also, entertainingly, both big into beekeeping.

In fact, that’s how they met. Anna was tired of dating apps full of horny dudes. She and Mursel bonded over bees.

Anna and Mursel for 90 Day Fiance Season 7
Photo via TLC

But as sweet and endearing as these two can be, they had their issues from day one.

The most readily obvious problem was the language gap, what with Anna being from Nebraska and Mursel being from Trukey.

They had to use a translator, just like Paul and Karine. But another obstacle presented a much greater challenge.

Mursel was afraid to tell his deeply religious family that Anna already had children.

Mursel hugs Anna (90 Day Fiance S7)

On the episode on Sunday, December 22, Mursel finally fessed up to his family.

20 days before their 90 day deadline, Anna had given him an ultimatum: he absolutely must come clean about her children.

Mursel agreed, knowing that otherwise, his romance with Anna was at an end.

But he was dreading how upset Anna would be when she heard how his family responded.

Mursel’s fears are realized when he tells his family, over a video chat on his phone, that Anna has three kids.

"I never wanted Anna," one of his relatives says. "Screw it, come home," says another.

They encourage him to return to Turkey, where he can find employment and, they hope, a Turkish girl who has no children.

Worse, based upon the edit, it appears that Mursel simply let them believe that he had only learned of Anna’s kids upon arriving in the US.

Mursel was steeped in misery, telling Anna that it was all "ruined."

He seemed ready to go back to Turkey as his family had commanded, calling off the wedding.

Fans are well aware that he and Anna calling off their wedding this close to the finish line would be a first in the franchise.

So, will they make 90 Day Fiance history in the worst way?

Anna with Mursel  (90 Day Fiance S7)

In Touch Weekly got their hands on Sarpy County court records, including marriage filings.

According to those documents, Anna and Mursel were legally marred in September 8, 2019.

So they did get married after all!

As with all 90 Day Fiance couples, the real test begins after the wedding. There’s a reason that most engagements last longer than three months.

Anna speaks  (90 Day Fiance S7)

We still don’t know how this all plays out, of course.

It may be that Mursel simply defies his family, possibly for the first time in his life, and marries Anna anyway.

But … it is also possible that Mursel has further talks with his family and they experience a change of heart.

Either story could play well on television, but we don’t know which, and we likely won’t until it all airs.