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Grey’s Anatomy turned 350 episodes old on Thursday night.

We don’t even have a joke or a pun-related follow-up to make about this milestone.

That’s just… a heckuva lot of episodes for one television show!

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In a semi-ironic twist, meanwhile, the latest installment of this beloved ABC drama didn’t focus on the past and all the series has accomplished.

But rather on the future and whether Meredith would ever accomplish anything in the medical field ever again.

Specifically, of course, we mean that Meredith attended the hearing to determine if she would lose her medical license … and might have lost her relationship in the process.

Yikes, right?!?

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Our favorite physician entered this hearing and immediately was taken aback.

That’s what happens when you notice that one of the doctor’s evaluating whether you ought to lose your license for breaking the law is Paul Castello, the man whose negligence in the operating room killed your husband.

The doctor in question didn’t recognize Meredith at first and she stayed quiet.

However, when he started talking about her children, she couldn’t hold back any longer.

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“That one night should’ve cost you your entire career,” Grey screamed at Castello about Derek’s final surgery. “My medical license should not be in this man’s hands. He is dangerous.”

Castello began having a seizure after this incident, actually dying during surgery at Grey Sloan from a brain hemorrhage.

And yet, Meredith’s hearing continued, as dozens of patients she had treated over the years testified on her behalf.

Even Bailey had a change of heart and supported her old friend, which prompted Meredith to finally come out on top: She got to keep her license and also got her job back at Grey Sloan.


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“You are a pain in my ass but you’re a fine surgeon … I need you,” Bailey told her occasional foe.

How sweet, right? Or, really, how Bailey-like?

There was a point, though,  during Meredith’s hearing, when things were NOT looking very positive for her.

She suffered through numerous bad testimonies against her and let Andrew Deluca know she thought it was over in a heartbreaking way.

“If I lose my license and I can’t cut and you can, we won’t make it,” she said to him.

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As mentioned, of course, this became sort of moot when Meredith won her case — but she still said it, you know? It was still a sentiment she shared.

The threat really stuck with Deluca, who was hurt because he realized that Meredith respected Derek in their relationship, yet she doesn’t see Deluca as that equal partner.

He told her he wanted to take a break.

“Figure out what it is you want and let me know if I’m a part of that,” Deluca said.

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How will this play out?

We’ll need to wait for Episode 351 and beyond to find out!