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Earlier this year, it looked like Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley were over after their huge fight spilled over onto social media.

Now, on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we’re getting a lot more insight into the cheating (and worse) allegations that Dennis faced.

Everyone is talking about the Dennis rumors. And what’s this about bestiality?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is not pulling any punches.

Dennis and Porsha are on the outs, and rumors accuse him of infidelity, drug use, and maybe even bestiality.

"Dennis has moved out," Porsha reveals during her first confessional of the season. "It’s been about four or five days."

She even delves into how their love fell apart.

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"We were arguing about something that I found in his phone that I found to be inappropriate," Porsha recalls.

She continues: "And then that’s when I realized he was unfaithful to me while I was carrying our child."

"There are a lot of crazy rumors about Dennis in the blogs," Porsha acknowledges.

"And I’ve had questions about the situation," she admits. "And I just feel like I haven’t gotten the total truth."

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Porsha does reveal during the episode that she’s kept a lid on details … because she doesn’t want her family to hate Dennis.

"I only told my mom and sister what they need to know, which is, ‘We ain’t together right now,’" she shares. "That’s it."

"These are not ‘just because’ flowers; they have a reason," Porsha says of the endless stream of apology bouquets.

"I’ll be going back to work soon," she affirms. "I go back to Dish at the end of this month, so I’m really just trying to figure out how I’m gonna do that."

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"It’s not like I don’t try [to get out of the house]," Porsha clarifies. "I mean, Mom will see when I get up and Mom comes and gets [Pilar] from me,"

"I tell her I’m getting dressed, and then an hour getting dressed turns into three hours, turns into four," she describes.

Porsha continues: "And then, you know, it’s 6 o’clock."

"So you just don’t end up getting dressed, ’cause then wherever you plan on going, it’s like, for what?" she laments.

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Porsha comments: ‘Cause then you come home and you don’t feel the same way. That’s why I don’t want to be going anywhere or doing stuff."

"I just don’t understand," she expresses. "I keep going to sleep at night thinking that I’m gonna wake up and it’s not gonna be true."

"The only reason I keep answering his phone calls is because I keep thinking that he’s gonna say the one thing to make me believe that this isn’t happening, you know?" Porsha admits.

"This is my family," she says. "I wanted a family. This is what we’ve been working on. And then this? What? It’s like it’s gotta be a bad dream or a joke."

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Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore chatted about the gossip about Porsha.

"He wanna watch animals do it, or he wanna actually do the do with a doggy in the poopoo?" Kenya asked, referring to the bestiality rumor.

"I’m not saying it’s true," she clarifies.

Kenya then joked: "But maybe Porsha needs to find out what he meant by doggy style."

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Kenya  also spoke at length about how grateful she is for her own "miracle baby," Brooklyn.

In fact, she thew a princess party "for" her daughter, who is absolutely too young to appreciate it.

Marc couldn’t make it due to "work," which disappointed Kenya even though at the time she didn’t know that Marc was cheating on her.

Meanwhile, Eva didn’t attend because she didn’t want her kids around the "chaos" that she claims that Kenya leaves in her wake. Yikes.

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Sincerely showed up on camera just to make it clear that she was not Dennis’ mistress and has never even met him. Rumor quashed.

Cynthia Bailey continues to gush about how much she wants Mark Hill to marry her already.

Kandi’s surrogate is pregnant, though Kandi feels a little strange not being pregnant herself.

And NeNe Leakes did not appear in this episode.