Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley: It's (Likely) Over!

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Back in May, Porsha Williams unfollowed Dennis McKinley, fueling rumors that they had broken off their engagement.

But then, things seemed good for a while between the The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her fiance.

Now, things have taken a dramatic turn for the worst. The couple has split.

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley Hold One-Month-Old Pilar

A lot of us had figured that Porsha Williams and split with her fiance.

There were a lot of reasons to believe that this engagement of one year was over.

Now, Us Weekly has confirmed it by speaking to a close family member.

"There is a tiny, tiny, tiny chance they would get back together,” the relative who confirmed the breakup admits.

The relative then adds: “[But] likely no."

Porsha Williams Complains About Nene Leakes

Porsha and Dennis just welcomed their first child a few months ago.

So what had fans so sure that Porsha had ended things with Dennis?

On Wednesday, June 19, Porsha unfollowed Dennis on Instagram.

That didn't really seem to be an accident, because this wasn't the first time.

In May, Porsha unfollowed Dennis temporarily as rumors of infidelity were swirling around the couple.

Porsha Williams Engagement Pic

Porsha and Dennis first announced their relationship in June of 2018, going Instagram Official.

She had teased on Dish Nation that she had a new man shortly before revealing that Dennis was he.

They were clearly big fans of each other at the time.

Only three months later, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.

In September of last year, Porsha and Dennis announced their engagement.

Porsha Williams Promotes RHOA

In March of 2019, Porsha and Dennis welcomed the birth of their baby girl.

They named their daughter Pilar, and she even has her very own Instagram account.

Pilar might seem like the glue that might hold their relationship together, but she's actually part of what made fans suspicious in the first place.

See, over Father's Day weekend, Porsha vacationed with Pilar in Hollywood, Florida -- without Dennis.

A mother and new baby leaving daddy behind on the family's first Father's Day?

That's when you know that something's not right.

Porsha Williams and Boyfriend

The world has no shortage of complicated families where a child's parents didn't work out.

Assuming that Porsha and Dennis do not manage to get back together and make it work, Pilar should be just fine.

In fact, a clean break when Pilar is just a few months old sounds ideal.

The alternative would be to let PIlar grow attached to the idea of them as a couple and then let those same problems they have now drive them apart.

Breakups are one bandaid that needs to be ripped off as early as possible to make things easier for the child.

Porsha Williams Kisses Dennis McKinley at Baby Shower

A lot of parents think that staying together despite rockiness is in their child's interests.

When they breakup a few years later, they realize that they didn't do their child any favors.

That said ... Porsha had unfollowed Dennis back in May, seemingly taking their personal problems public.

Did she try to power through his (alleged) cheating and realize that she couldn't do it?

Or, did she learn something new in the past few weeks that made her certain that this engagement can never move forward?

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