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A lot of fans are still testing the waters when it comes to the Season 7 90 Day Fiance couples. It’s hard to dive right in when the season starts.

But you know who aren’t strangers to the fandom? Paul and Karine Staehle. The same goes for their baby, Pierre.

The couple has been together for years. Now, Paul has revealed that they are getting a divorce.

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Longtime 90 Day Fiance couple Paul and Karine are ending their marriage, Paul shared on Monday, November 11.

"Karine has initiated the divorce process in Manaus, Brazil," Paul’s text reads once it is translated from Portuguese.

But this is the sort of Instagram Story that you have to see for yourself.

Paul is a bit of an odd guy, and we have to say that we’ve never quite seen a divorce announcement like this one before.

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Yes, Paul paired this very serious announcement about the impending dissolution of his marriage with … Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty returned with Season 4 on Sunday night, so maybe Paul just had the show on his mind.

But that was an extremely odd way to announce such heartbreaking news.

And it’s hard to imagine something more pathetic than an image of Jerry crying. Maybe that’s how Paul feels right now.

Karine and Paul, Wedding Photo

In addition to Paul’s announcement, which he only made in Portuguese, he made only one other update.

In his Stories, he shared a glimpse at baby Pierre.

Aloud in the video, he confessed: "Daddy’s gonna miss you."

It appears that Karine has physical custody at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

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This is not the couple’s only drama from the past week.

On Friday, November 8, Paul and Karine revealed that the couple’s apartment in Brazil had been ransacked.

Countless items were stolen, from electronics to personal efects.

The burglars were unidentified, but the two parents were just thankful that they and their baby were okay.

Paul and Karine

As fans are likely aware, this is not the couple’s first brush with divorce.

"Karine asked me to remove our photos," Paul wrote as recently as September.

"And let everyone know that she doesn’t want me in her life,” he continued at that time.

He shared that Karine’s “divorce lawyer called me." He then went on to add: “Guess I need a lawyer."

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Paul and Karine have seemingly broken up only to reconcile a number of times, and that was before they were parents.

So it’s possible that they will get back together. History tends to repeat itself.

However, some fans would be relieved if the two stayed apart thist ime.

After all, their relationship has clearly had a number of toxic elements. A healthy marriage would never have this kind of drama or conflict.

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Fans will have to decide for themselves whether they feel sorry for Paul, for Karine, or for neither of them.

Paul has always been a little weird, and that was true even before fans learned of his troubling criminal history.

But others were really rooting for this couple, and have been doing so for years.

Give it some time, folks, and we’ll find out if this split is permanent or just another "bump" in the road.