Jessa Duggar Reveals Son Has a Speech Delay

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Jessa Duggar is a mother of three young children.

On Tuesday night's episode of Counting On, however, the reality star's storyline centered around one child in particular:

Two-year old son Henry.

Jessa Duggar Holds Son

Before delving into the reason why, Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald left their oldest son, Spurgeon, at home with her brother -- Jedidiah, James, Jeremiah and Jason -- while the couple took Henry to the doctor.

“I trust them,” Jessa said in a confessional of her siblings, adding:

“I mean Spurgeon’s three so it’s not like he’s a newborn. I would probably be more worried to leave a newborn, but Spurgeon can fend for himself in a lot of ways.”

Okay. So that's where Spurgeon was on the episode. As for Henry, though?

jes with henry

“We are taking Henry to the doctor today to have him evaluated, have his hearing checked and see what they think we should do next,” Jessa explained during Tuesday's installment of the TLC series.

She continued on air:

“We realized probably since he was about 18 months old that he wasn’t communicating like his older brother did at that age or other kids did at that age.”

Oh. Yikes. That sounds potentially scary, doesn't it?

Jessa Duggar Confesses

Jessa made it clear that she didn't wanna overreact to anything, but a mother often knows best, you know?

“We realize that each kid grows at their own pace but he’s not really catching on," she said of her second kidn.

"He’s not really able to talk and communicate what he wants. A lot of times it's just grunts and pointing and that kind of thing."

Cut to what had to have been a stressful doctor's appoint, where a specialist performed a number of tests on Henry before revealing that the two-year-old's hearing was actually just fine.

ben with jess

What a relief, right? Yes, except:

The doctor said Henry's speech was delayed for his age group.

“We were very happy to hear that Henry’s hearing isn’t an issue. His hearing is perfect," Jessa told the camera following the assessment.

"Developmentally he’s not behind. It just seems to be a speech issue and she’s recommended that we see a speech pathologist and go from there."

Jessa Duggar and Co.

It's important to remember that this episode was filmed many months ago and that Henry may be doing a lot better now.

Heck, since then, Jessa and Ben have welcomed their third child and first daugher into the world, a little girl named Ivy Jane.

“Ivy Jane. We just liked those two names, Jessa and I talked about it beforehand this time around,” Ben explained afterwards of the name choice.

“We actually had a name picked out before she was born. We liked the way those names flowed together and with her middle name, Jane, she’s actually named after Lady Jane Grey, who was a young lady who was queen of England for a short time during the 1500s.

"She’s a very inspirational character to us."

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