Jana Duggar: Heck Yeah, I'm Breaking My Dad's Stupid Rules!

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So ... busy week for the Duggars, huh?

There's a lot going on with the family, like just so, so much.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle on Instagram

Over the weekend, rumors began swirling that there was an FBI raid at Jim Bob and Michelle's home, as well as Josh's house, which is located on Jim Bob's property.

We heard all kinds of alleged reasons for the raid -- maybe it was tax fraud, maybe it was money laundering, maybe Josh had been caught with illicit images of children.

So many rumors came from so many places that it was hard to keep everything straight, much less figure out what was actually happening, but thanks to several reports from local news agencies and reputable celebrity news sites, we know a bit more.

First off, it was Homeland Security that did the raid, not the FBI.

Josh Duggar at the Zoo

And they went into the used car dealership owned by Josh, not anyone's home.

We still don't know what they're investigating, and we probably won't until an arrest is made -- if an arrest is made -- but Homeland Security does investigate a bunch of different things, and Josh does do a wide variety of awful things.

So really it's anyone's guess at this point.

But while all that's been happening, life is still going on, you know?

Josh Duggar: Back on the 'Gram

They still have about a billion kids to raise between them, they still have all those sketchy businesses to run, and they still have that TV show of theirs.

And speaking of the show ... did you manage to catch that little bombshell dropped by Jana in this week's episode?

Like, sure, it may not seem as huge because we just found out that Homeland Security is investigating Josh or whatever, but still, it's something!

OK, so at one point in the episode, the topic of music came up.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar in Silver Dollar City

John David, Jana's twin, told the cameras that "In our house growing up there were definitely rules regarding music. The goal was to keep music more melodious."

Jana explained it further, saying "We've had more of I guess a conservative side of music and no dancing."

Because dancing, remember, is not tolerated in the Duggar home.

She was shown an old clip of Jackson dancing along to the music from a toy when he was younger -- at the time, she explained it away by saying that "Sometimes the little ones will jump for joy."

Jana Duggar on the Beach

Jim Bob, also in the old clip, said "I think any of the little ones when they hear music they start jiggling around, that's natural. That's why we're careful about the music we allow in our home."

Imagine being so against dancing -- dancing, of all things -- that you can't even bring yourself to say that a little kid was dancing while playing with a toy.

So against it that you can't even say the word, you have to call it "jumping for joy" or "jiggling."

Unfortunately, 2019 Jim Bob holds the same beliefs as he did back then.

Jana & Jim Bob

"We noticed when there was a rock beat the kids would be jumping around," he said the episode. "We thought the more calm the music the more calm the kids would be."

But Jana?

Jana straight up rolled her eyes and said "I think with any person you may have different views when you're younger and things change when you get older and vice versa."

And how neat is that?

Jana Duggar Instagram Photo

It's not the craziest thing we've ever heard or anything, but to see her actually roll her eyes at something she said about her family's rules is a big deal, right?

It seems like her views are evolving, and although she's still living with her parents and raising her younger siblings without having much of a life of her own, her views could continue to change.

Get out while you can, Jana.

Seriously, run.

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