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Come on now, Jacqueline Laurita.

Don’t beat around the bush.

Tell us how you really feel about Teresa Giudice.

ter and jac

Appearing on something called The LookOver Ladies podcast this Tuesday night, Laurita absolutely laid into the polarizing Real Housewives of New Jersey star, referencing the rumor that Teresa cheated on her husband and citing the joint interview she recently did with Joe.

"They both did each other wrong," Laurita said simply, adding in pointed detail:

"They both cheated on each other, they both did wrongdoing.

"They don’t trust each other. That’s the problem with the marriage — besides the resentment, the time apart, there’s no trust. They don’t trust each other. They both know that each other have been unfaithful."

That seems nearly impossible to disagree with.

Joe certainly thinks Teresa cheated and Teresa has flat-out said that she won’t remain in the marriage if/when Joe officially gets deported to Italy.

Jacqueline — who ceased being a regular castmember on The Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2014 — went on to say she thinks Teresa resents Joe for a number of reasons … and that she’s never been able to take accountability for her own illegal actions.

(Teresa spent time in jail after pleading guilty to her role in a bankruptcy fraud scheme, and seems like a very awful individual overall.)

"She’s a narcissist, sociopath," Jacqueline said this week.

Of Teresa’s financial scheming, the ex-reality star says:

She didn’t know everything, but she is not innocent for sure. I know this. And I think that she’s angry at [Joe] because she felt like she spent that time away from her kids, her family, the public embarrassment.

And also the fact that once she got out, her mom passed away shortly after, and she was very close to her mom, so she looked at it like a time of that year I could’ve spent with my mom before she died, but I had to spend it here.

Yes. Because she committed a crime.

Pair of Giudices

Teresa has said many times that she won’t move with her daughters to unite the family  in Italy, a decision that Laurita finds appalling.

"If that was my husband and my husband had to do all that, I would go wherever he went," Jacqueline said of Joe’s likely deportation to his native country.

"When I was in New Jersey, when my husband got the job out here [in California]…it wasn’t an easy decision for me because I had family here obviously, but I still had to pick up my kids, uproot them from their [lives] to move them out here.

"I don’t care if my husband had to go out of the country. I don’t care where he went, I love my husband so much, wherever he goes, I would go with him."

Laurita went on to say Teresa is forcing her kids to live in a "toxic environment" because they are so often in the press and being teased at school.

Laurita also  called Teresa a "very calculated manipulator" and continued to trash the Bravo personality:

She’s a narcissist, she really believes that she’s like this… She’s famous? She’s infamous!

I would never wanna be famous for flipping tables, acting classless, being dumb and being a felon. I’m sorry! I just wouldn’t want that.

Giudice was front and center on last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere; she clearly isn’t leaving the spotlight any time soon.

"It’s actually sad," Laurita concludes of how Teresa has changed.

"When I first met her, she was very lighthearted, ditsy, but always just so funny because she was so stupid. I think that she would just say dumb things, and I would laugh all the time.

"I always had laughs with her. It was lighthearted and fun. I wasn’t a threat to her, so she didn’t show that ugly side of her to me because I’m one to praise my friends, I like them to feel good, that’s what I did for her. I helped her out, I made her feel good.

"Teresa likes ‘yes’ friends and people who will always agree with her. She likes fans, not friends."

In the end?

"She [has] no loyalty to her family, I’ll tell you that right now," Jacqueline says.