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A few years ago, we learned that Ian Ziering wasn’t a great dance partner.

The actor best known for Sharknado, 90210, and Swamp Thing came out with an announcement on Halloween.

He and his wife, Erin Ludwig Ziering, are divorcing after more than nine years of marriage.

Ian Ziering, Erin Ziering, and Daughters
Photo via Instagram

Ian Ziering took to Instagram to make a formal announcement of the divorce and to quash any rumors.

“It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Erin and I are splitting up,” he begins.

“With our hectic work schedules,” Ian writes. “We could not be busier.”

“And over the last few years,” he explains, he and Erin “have grown apart.”

Ian Ziering in a Blue Car

“She is one of the most incredible women I have ever met,” Ian praises. “And the best mom to our kids.”

He adds: “It has come to my attention that things are being written and said to sensationalize a situation that is simply not sensational.”

“Any quote attributed to me is completely false,” Ian asserts. “And solely meant by haters to undermine our intention.”

That intention being “to continue to get along, protect and raise our daughters, and be examples of successful co-parents.”

Ian Ziering Promotes BH90210
Photo via Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

“We ask that you respect our privacy at this difficult time,” Ian asks.

He concludes by writing that they will need that privacy “as we focus on what is important to us, our girls.”

For the most part, that’s a pretty generic breakup announcement. It could almost have been procedurally generated by an AI.

But you’ll notice that Erin’s announcement strikes a very different tone and sounds a little less announcement by the numbers.

Photo via Instagram

“I mean, it is kind of hard to choose an announcing your divorce picture,” Erin begins. “So i just went with my favorite one of myself?”

Her struggle there is relatable. Honestly? That line made me laugh.

“After 9 1/2 years of marriage,” she reveals. “Ian asked for a divorce.”

“After having asked multiple times,” Erin explains. “I knew it was time to give up.”

So it sounds like Ian had pushed for their marriage to end before, only to be talked out of it. It sounds like whatever they tried didn’t work.

“Knowing that I am not the person to make him happy makes the situation feel more peaceful,” Erin describes.

“The girls and I are doing great,” she announces.

Erin writes that they are doing well “and finding gratitude and love in our new life together and rebuilding.”

BH90210 Cast Smiles for a Photo
Photo via Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

“Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out,” Erin writes.

Notably, Ian’s costar Tori Spelling “liked” Erin’s post.

“And,” she continues. “I am sorry if I do not get a chance to respond right now.”

“I appreciate your love,” Erin concludes. “And the sisterhood of women who surrounds me during this time. .”

As much as I absolutely loved Ian Ziering’s role as Blue Devil in the first (and sadly, only) season of Swamp Thing this year, it sounds like this is his doing.

Some couples realize that they’ve fallen out of love at the same time.

Other couples split because one f–ked up and the other is furious.

In this case, it sounds like Ian fell out of love all on his own, and broke Erin’s heart in the process.

At least she looks great in her divorce announcement photo. She’s right — it is a good picture.