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Back in August, Camille Grammer claimed that Kyle Richards got her fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It turns out that it’s not true — and Camille is filming for the new season. But that doesn’t mean that she’s not a center of drama and scorn.

Camille Grammer Grins

This week, Camille Grammer spoke to Us Weekly at Lisa Vanderpump’s 4th Annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala.

"What I’ve seen, there’s drama targeted at me," Camille revealed.

"I show up and they kind of, you know," she tries to describe. "How do I say it the right way?"

Camille rephrases: "I feel that I show up somewhere and I felt targeted."

Camille Grammer Argues with Teddi Mellencamp

"But there are things that need to be discussed," Camille acknowledges.

She speculates: "so maybe that was the right time to do so."

"There you go, there’s a carrot," Camille announced. "I just dangled!"

People interested in watching Camille get into feuds, or get bullied, will definitely be interested in watching that unfold!

Camille Grammer Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion

Just a couple of weeks ago, on November 6, Camille delivered an update.

"I’m getting back in the game," her tweet began.

Camille also wrote: "Diamonds and drama. #rhobh."

Her tweet’s meaning? That contrary to previous reports brought on by … her own announcement … Camille was filming for the show.

Photo via BRAVO

Kyle also spoke to Us Weekly about Camille, and acknowledged that she had been blamed for "firing" the decidedly non-fired woman.

"Camille, when she gets on Twitter, she can go off," Kyle said. "I don’t really know."

"You have to ask Camille about that. …" she suggested.

Kyle added: "We had to address that because that was something that had to be worked out."

Camille Grammer Promo Picture

Camille isn’t the only one who’s appearing on camera, of course.

Adrienne Maloof, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, and Eileen Davidson were all spotted at Kyle’s charity event earlier in November.

"I never imagined that Brandi Glanville and I would be friendly," Kylie has since openly marveled. "Let alone speaking at all. It’s pretty crazy."

"It was actually really fun the other night to have her at the party," she reflected. "And we were laughing and dancing."

Kyle Richards Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion

"Of course not everybody did not get along," Kyle of course acknowledged.

"Of course there was drama and stuff," she confirmed.

She adds: "But I honestly was like, ‘I cannot deal with that right now. I’m too busy stressing about people bidding or not bidding!’"

That makes a lot of sense. Drama gets the big paycheck, but at a charity event, there are other concerns.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Title Card

Camille was unpopular last season, both among her castmates and among fans and viewers.

Of course, being hated is its own kind of power. Up to a point, it makes you very marketable.

That is probably why Camille ended up returning.

We would love to one day fully understand exactly why she apparently believed that she was no longer welcome on the show.

It would also be fascinating to hear her explain why she was so certain that Kyle was the culprit.