Camille Grammer: Kyle Richards Got Me FIRED from Real Housewives!

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This week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finally cast a black woman, making some long overdue history.

But when the cast list was released, one name was conspicuously absent. Camille Grammer was nowhere to be seen.

Now Camille is telling her fans that they can lay the blame for her firing at one person's feet: Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards & Camille Grammer: 'The Hungover Games' Premiere

A lot of fans are happy to see Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke join the show, even if it's just to shake things up.

Sutton's casting is extra good news for Lisa Rinna, as the two women are BFFs.

And, again, it's nothing short of shameful that RHOB had not previously cast a black woman.

Now, a lot of fans had been ready to see Camille leave the show after the Reunion special.

But actually seeing her name left off of the cast list came as a shock.

Camille Grammer Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion

"Wait, where are you?" one fan on Twitter demanded of Camille when her name was conspicuously absent.

"I wasn’t asked back," Camille revealed. "It’s fine."

"I did my time on the show," she added, as if it were some sort of prison sentence instead of a coveted and well-paying gig.

"And," Camille characterized. "It’s Kyle’s show."

If you think that she's not explicitly laying the blame at Kyle's feet yet, know that she's just getting started.

Camille Grammer Grins

"It was up to Kyle," Camille claimed.

She insisted: "I’m really fine."

"After the reunion," Camille says. "I didn’t want to come back."

She reports: "It was an awful experience."

That may be true (especially the part about being miserable), but it also sounds like a way to save face.

Camille Grammer Promo Picture

"Well you’ll be missed," one fan assured her.

"Seems like a bit of a slap in the face to you tbh after being an amazing ‘friend-of’ for two seasons," the follower opined.

The comment concluded: "Think they should remember who the OGs are."

"I agree, but they don’t," Camille replied.

"It’s a tough business," the former Housewife characterized. "They eat you up and spit you out."

Camille Grammer in the Hot Seat

Hardcore fans of Camille Grammer -- and yes, they exist -- were not willing to accept that answer.

They may not have the power to force Bravo to hire her back, but she told them exactly whom to blame.

Fans bristled at the idea of one Housewife having that kind of influence over the others -- whether it's true or false.

One fan wrote back furiously: "it will never be Kyle’s show."

That sounds like an outcry that could have negative consequences for Kyle and for Bravo.

Or, of course, it might just fizzle out.

Camille Grammer in Las Vegas

In the mean time, Camille has given fans so many gifts.

Rather than focusing upon whom to blame, let's think about the Camille Grammer dance gif, one of the greatest things anyone has ever seen.

Remember yodeling kid? Within hours of his singing going viral, there was a dance mix (making it listenable) accompanying a clip of Camille's dance.

One of the biggest perks of being a Real Housewife isn't the pay or the endorsement opportunities or the fame.

You get the chance to become a meme that will outlast your stint on the show, the show itself, or any of the money you make from it.

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