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Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff are brand new parents.

The Little People, Big World stars welcomed daughter Lilah into the world on November 19.

How exciting, right? How special, right? How worthy of praise and congratulations and best wishes from all who know the couple well, right?

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Yes, you would think.

And yet… while Tori and Zach have heard from at least one sibling and both of the latter’s famous parents, fans have taken note of one quiet voice.

Many observers out there are keenly aware that Audrey Roloff has not yet said a public word to Zach and Tori or about Zach and Tori.

Why is this notable? For starters, because Audrey’s husband, Jeremy, visited his brother’s immediate family in the hospital and even shared a photo of himself and his niece on Instagram:

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"Welcome to the family, Lilah Ray Roloff. I’m so excited to get to know you," wrote Jeremy as a caption to the photo above.

One must assume that Audrey did not make the same trip or else she would have been included in this picture or she would have posted one of her own.

Could she have been at home taking care of two-year old daughter Ember? Absolutely.

Or not feeling great because she’s eight months pregnant herself? Yes, very possible.

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However, Audrey hasn’t posted a message on social media about Tori and Zach having a daughter, either.

For all the times this former reality star has shared information or posts in general about her own family, she almost never mentions any other Roloffs on Instagram.

There was chatter for awhile last year that Audrey was in a feud with another of her brother-in-laws, Jacob, based on her snubbing of him on multiple occasions.

Scroll through Audrey’s Instagram page right now, moreover, and try to find a snapshot of her and Zach… or Tori… or Jacob… or Matt…. or Amy.

It’s hard not to wonder about the status of her relationship with her in-laws at this point.

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The two oldest of those in-laws both posted their own pictures this week with baby Lilah, with Amy writing as an affiliated message alongside hers:

My grand-daughter has my heart and is loved so much already. She’s beautiful and precious and a blessing to our family. I’m so looking forward to watching baby girl grow up, see Jackson and Lilah hang out and spending grandma time with them.

Congrats  Zachary and Tori. You two are amazing parents.

Love you. I couldn’t be happier and more excited to be a grandma again.

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And then Matt chimed in as follows:

Lilah Ray Roloff born 11/19/19. Another absolutely precious grand baby .. love her sooo much already!

The Little People, Big World patriarch also shared this photograph along with that caption:

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What do you think of the theory that Audrey has been with Tori and/or Zach?

Are we reading too much into this?

Or is this silence just the latest sign that something is clearly amiss?