Tyler Cameron: Here's How I Hid My Boners from the Bachelor Nation!

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It's old news that Tyler Cameron will not be the Bachelor, but he's still near and dear to the hearts of many in the Bachelor Nation.

And let's face it, folks: Gigi Hadid and Hannah Brown are not the only ones who think that he's hot af. And he was very into Hannah.

Tyler is now opening up frankly about how hid his very visible excitement from ABC's cameras after his steamy makeouts with Hannah.

And Now We're Gonna Make All of You Happy...

A quick note: generations ago, the word "boner" meant a simple blunder. But we're talking about erections, so read at your own risk.

Tyler Cameron was a guest on The Ringer's Bachelor Party podcast to reflect upon his time on The Bachelorette.

Specifically, the unnecessarily handsome model discussed how to keep things ABC-appropriate while getting hot and heavy.

Tyler joked that his "pants were so tight they just held everything down," which as we all know, is not enough to effectively hide a penis.

But he reveals that he had a very close call during week five.

Tyler Cameron, No Shirt Needed

See, Hannah and her suitors traveled to Scotland.

It was only natural that the men try on kilts to put themselves on display for Hannah's amusement.

But while kilts were designed specifically so that wearers could conceal more knives on their person, they're less effective at masking an erection.

Tyler notes that things got "pretty heavy" when he and Hannah were "hooking up" inside a nearby castle.

(Gosh, she likes old-timey architecture, huh?)

"I was able to keep everything under control there," Tyler affirms. "I was proud of myself."

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

Tyler also notes a time when he was in Latvia and wearing "tight, tight, way-too-small pants."

He had a very hot and heavy makeout session with Hannah, which had the obvious and invountary anatomical result.

"I was like, 'Well, now I have a boner and all of America is going to see it,'" he recounts.

"She's like, 'Do I need to go in front of you?'" Tyler narrates. "And I was like 'No, I'm just going to show it off.'"

As you can imagine, that particular display did not make it to air. 

But we're sure that at least some of the editors appreciated Tyler's show-and-tell.

Tyler Cameron on the Finale

There were other times when Tyler was much, much more conscious of who might be watching him.

Tyler also made out with Hannah in Greece, which was very much on camera.

"My dad was watching that, and my mom was watching that," Tyler reflects.

He explains his discomfort: "I'd never kissed a girl in front of my dad."

Folks, some performers dance naked in front of their parents. Some actors have sex scenes in front of their parents.

It's awkward every single time, but Tyler should know that he's not alone.

Tyler Cameron

Tyler Cameron is a walking thirst trap, so there's no shortage of fans who are glad that he took time out of his day to discuss his dong.

But he also reasies an interesting topic for discussion -- namely, why doesn't ABC do more to help its stars keep themselves TV-appropriate.

If two people are making out and at least one of them has a penis, everybody knows that there's going to be an erection.

Perhaps future seasons of The Bachelorette should have a cooldown moment where the pair stand apart and take a breath.

Then they can walk and talk on camera together after their makeout.

And if the boner doesn't go away? Maybe contact medical professionals -- or give the dude a longer break to take care of it himself.

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