Tekashi69 Refuses to Enter Witness Protection, Sells Movie Rights to 50 Cent

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Throughout the bizarre ordeal of his never-ending legal troubles, it's been widely assumed that Tekashi69 plans to enter witness protection the moment he's released from prison.

After all, Tekashi's freedom comes at a steep price, as his sentence is likely to be dramatically reduced as a result of his decision to testify against members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang, of which he was formerly a member.

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You don't need to be studied up on the Nine Treys' bylaws to know that snitching is not something they look kindly on.

For weeks, Twitter has delighted in memes about Tekashi -- whose real name is Daniel Hernandez -- covering his facial tattoos in concealer and disappearing in rural Arkansas.

But shockingly, it seems the rapper has no intention of attempting a disappearing act.

In fact, it looks as though Mr. 69 is planning to resume his life in the spotlight as soon as he's sprung from federal prison.


According to a new report from TMZ, "Tekashi believes him testifying against his old crew will be forgotten almost instantly as soon as he's released from prison -- and he also thinks he'll be more popular than ever with the masses."

Yes, in what may well turn out to be a fatally bad idea, Tekashi is not just refusing to hide from his former gangmates, he's openly taunting them.

"He thinks that anyone in the rap game who's spoken ill of him since this whole legal ordeal began are not only envious, but threatened by him ... afraid that he'll pass 'em up and leave 'em in the dust when he gets out and starts making hits again," TMZ reports.

Mind you, this is the same gang that already kidnapped Tekashi and threatened to kill him once.

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And that was before he took the stand against them.

In exchange for a much lighter sentence (at one point, it looked like he might remain behind bars for the rest of his life) Hernandez provided two days testified in the trial of Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack and Anthony "Harv" Ellison last month.

Not only did he identify Mack and Ellison as members of the Nine Treys, Tekashi also claimed that rapper Cardi B was a member of the gang.

Sounds like the makings of a Hollywood movie, right?

Well, apparently that's what 50 Cent thought, too.

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According to the latest from TMZ, 50 has purchased the rights to 69's story with plans to turn it into a feature film.

So we guess that's good news for Tekashi.

We just wish he weren't in such a hurry to write an ending to his life story.

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