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Earlier this month, the beautiful and talented Shay Mitchell gave birth to her first-ever child.

Recently, she attended a party thrown by the controversial rapper, Drake, and got slammed for it.

Now, she’s clapping back at mom-shamers who accuse her of abandoning her baby to go party just days after giving birth!

Shay Mitchell Selfie

Last week, Drake was celebrating his birthday all week with star-studded parties.

We suppose that you only turn 33 once.

Paparazzi snapped glimpses of Shay Mitchell attending one of these soirees.

Fans, conscious of how recently Shay had given birth, were positively apoplectic.

Now, Shay has not actually announced which day she gave birth. She’s kept a lid on plenty of details.

In fact, the Pretty Little Liars alum may have given birth in late September rather than early October. We just don’t know.

But one fan, apparently taking every photo that Shay had shared as having been snapped in real time, made an outrageous accusation.

The fan decided that Shay was just leaving her newborn at home three days after giving birth, though that math makes zero sense.

Shay Mitchell at 2018 VMAs

After that absurd hater sarcastically called Shay “mom of the year,” our girl snapped.

“Apparently people are really upset that I left three days after having a kid to go out and party,” Shay acknowledged.

“It wasn’t three days,” she clarified for anyone totally disconnected from reality.

“And I left her with Angel, so,” Shay joked. Angel is her dog, and apparently her own “fans” think that she has zero judgment.

“You going out for a few hours doesnt hurt the baby right, Im sure she left her child in capable hands,” a supporter wrote.

That same supporter emphasized that “new mothers don’t have to stay locked in their home 24/7 to bond with the baby.”

“Yeah EXACTLY,” Shay agreed, though she was still angry enough to continue her joke.

Shay wrote: “I left her with Angel and put water out for both of them. :)”

For anyone not of a generation that’s fluent in these things, that smiley face emoticon carries some menacing energy.

Moms, even new moms, do not like being treated as if they’re neglecting their kids.

Shay living her life doesn’t make her Casey Anthony, folks.

Even if we pretend that no new moms have their own family help out with childcare, Shay is a millionaire. She can afford a nanny for a night.

Shay Mitchell at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards

Sadly, this absurd mom-shaming is nothing new.

Countless celebrity mothers have born the brunt of social media frenzies accusing them of being negligent if they go to dinner without a newborn.

Curious that celebrity fathers are never held to this same absurd standard.

And by “curious,” we of course mean that we know the answer — women are almost always judged more critically when it comes to childcare.

Mom-shaming also starts long before birth, with preggo celebrities shamed over what sorts of cereals they eat or what brand of water they drink.

Folks, unless the cereal is laced with tobacco or the water is “raw water” that some geniuses conned rich people into drinking, it’s fine.

Parenting is an important job and many — maybe even more than half of — parents range from bad to awful at it.

But unless Shay starts dangling her kid off of a balcony, maybe show some common sense and give her the benefit of the doubt, ffs.