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Good news can come at complicated times. Nick Carter’s wife’s pregnancy has not been a peaceful period for their extended family.

Late Wednesday night, Nick informed his followers that his child could come at any moment.

Now, he and Lauren Kitt have welcomed their baby girl!

Lauren Kitt with Nick Carter

“Eagerly awaiting our new addition,” Nick wrote on Instagram late Wednesday evening.

Even later that evening, he and Lauren welcomed the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

Us Weekly was following this couple’s story closely, and confirms the happy news.

As a rep tells the tabloid: “Mom and daughter are doing great.”

That is heartwarming news!

Nick Carter Snapshot
Photo via Getty

Nick and Lauren first announced this pregnancy about six months ago, in April.

They broke the news with a photo in which their firstborn, a sweet boy named Odin, kissed his mother’s baby bump.

That news was especially joyful, as it came just eight months after Lauren suffered a miscarriage.

But with their daughter now born healthy and doing well, they have extra cause for celebration.

This sweet little newborn is also a rainbow baby!

At the time of that heartbreaking miscarriage, Nick was grieving and even had to cancel his concert.

“God give us peace during this time,” he expressed.

Nick added: “I was really looking forward to meeting her after 3 months.”

“I’m heartbroken,” he characterized.

He apologized to his fans: “I don’t think I can perform tonight. I’m sorry Lima.”

Nick Carter on Stage
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Nick has faced other difficulties in recent months and years aside from the miscarriage.

His estrangement from his brother, Aaron, has only grown.

Aaron has publicly sided with a number of women who have accused Nick of sexual misconduct and rape.

Nick took out a restraining order on Aaron just weeks ago, claiming that Aaron had threatened to murder his pregnant wife.

Aaron, in the mean time, said that Nick was trying to silence, gaslight, and discredit him rather than admit to the allegations.

Nick Carter Mug Shot, Take 2

Aaron Carter’s recent behavior may be nuts, but that does not mean anything for the credibility of Nick’s accusers.

(And for that matter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Aaron’s claims are false; people with mental illness can still speak the truth, folks)

Nick is one of the men whose #MeToo accusers do not seem to have had an effect.

This may be because people consider him to be a washed-up has-been with no real career to speak of.

Very few of the alleged sex monsters named in recent years have faced legal consequences.

Often, they simply retire involuntarily with millions of dollars to their names. Even then, some have the audacity to hope for a comeback.

Aaron Carter Tattoo
Photo via Instagram

But Nick has a restraining order against Aaron and with most accusers are totally powerless to hold alleged predators accountable.

So right now, he and Lauren and little Odin can focus on the birth of their precious baby.

Let us hope that the world is kinder to these young children than it was to any of the other members of the Carter family.

Dysfunction doesn’t always have to be passed down to future generations. You can break the cycle.

But we’re guessing that these kids won’t be spending much time with Uncle Aaron.