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Meghan Markle can’t catch a break.

That may sound like a strange thing to say about a woman who literally married a prince and became royalty, but the Duchess of Sussex has been forced to endure an unconscionable amount of abuse over the course of the past year.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in S. Africa

Some of the mistreatment has come from Meghan’s awful family, as her wicked half-sister still thinks she’ll be able to make a career for herself by destroying her sister’s.

Good luck with that, Sammy!

But sadly, most of the vitriol comes from the very nation that Meghan now represents on the world stage.

The British tabloid press is basically made up of Bond villains and Shakespearean knaves who commit daily acts of pure evil in the hope of keeping their dying industry alive for another fiscal quarter.

The Duchess of Sussex

For obvious reasons, the royals have been their favorite target since the days of parchment scrolls and town criers.

(You should’ve seen the headlines during that whole Anne Boelyn mess!)

These days, Harry and Meghan are squarely in the crosshairs, and they’re being shaded for everything from their baby’s name to Meghan’s curtsying abilities.

Yes, curtsying is a big deal to the royals and Meghan’s inability to do execute the maneuver flawlessly has led to much pearl-clutching among royal traditionalists.

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But hey, at least this time she was on the receiving end of the botched bow.

Meghan attended the One World Summit at the Royal Albert Hall this week, and as she walked on to greet organizer Kate Robertson, an awkward moment unfolded.

Kate curtsied as Meg went in for a hug, and well … there was very nearly an accidental motorboat.

It looked something like this:

It’s the type of thing that would be laughed off seconds later in 99.9999 percent of cases, but days later, the British tabloids are still pretending to be scandalized by the #MegToo moment.

“VERY embarrassing blunder,” The Daily Mail blurted in its astonishingly-lengthy article about the incident.

To be clear — the Mail and other outlets know this it’s no big deal, and this is just another way of bullying Meghan.

It’s even more brazen than their usual behavior, particularly as it comes days after Harry blasted the British press for its mistreatment of Meghan and filed a lawsuit for libel.

A Royal Family Photo

Of course, it’s not just the British press that has it in for Meghan.

She’s taking a ridiculous amount of flak on this side of the pond, as well:

Earlier this week, a documentary entitled Harry and Meghan: An African Tour made its television debut.

In the piece, Meghan offers an admirably candid account of the challenges of her fishbowl existence:

For some reason, this led daytime host and all-around vile fiend Wendy Williams to go off on Meghan on her show:

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“You knew what you were doing,” Wendy said, addressing the Duchess directly.

“Meghan, don’t be surprised the paparazzi are everywhere, because you’re a royal," Williams added.

"They weren’t following you when you were on Suits because no one knew who you were… Meghan, no one feels sorry for you, you know what you signed up for, girl!”

Remarkably, Wendy hasn’t sounded off on Curtsy-gate yet, but since it presents an opportunity to make someone else feel bad, you can be sure she’ll get to it eventually,