Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: Falling Back in Love While Co-Parenting?

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Fans are so optimistic about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott getting back together that some think that they're already dating again.

A new report says that this isn't quite the case, even though they are spending an awful lot of time together and it's not all about Stormi.

But sources close to the couple think that they'll definitely get back together -- and they've even worked out a timeline.

Cute Fam!

TMZ reports that, though Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may have broken up, they're not entirely acting like it.

And though the two had already affirmed their commitment to co-parenting Stormi, it doesn't look like their time together is all about their daughter.

Despite falling out of love, sources describe how Travis has been spending an awful lot of time at Kylie's house.

There are no plans to change this pattern any time soon, of course, as that's where their precious little girl lives.

But after Travis injured his knee on stage during a performance, he's now recouperating over at Kylie's.

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We're pretty sure that couple breaks up, then man gets injured and must be tended to and they fall back in love is a standard romance premise.

But even on the nights when Travis does not sleep over, he's clearly still taking a walk down memory lane.

On those nights, the rapper sleeps at the Beverly Hills home where he and Kylie and Stormi had previously lived together.

Travis and Kylie are intentionally working on co-parenting as friends. Friendship is a different dynamic than what they had before.

But the calendar itself is going to force the two to spend even more time together, because the holidays are coming up.

Kylie and Stormi at the Patch

As evidenced by Kim taking the reins of the big Kardashian Christmas Eve party last year, the holidays are a huge deal for that family.

It makes sense, when you have such a large and very close family all living in such proximity to each other.

Travis and Kylie are going to make sure that they're both there for Stormi as her parents to give her "normal" holiday experiences.

And even though they're not currently a couple, some who've had their eyes on these two expect that to change before too long.

The holidays can bring people closer, and Kylie does have a pattern of getting back with her exes ... again and again and again.

Travis With Little Stormi

Kylie and Travis have a lot of unusual factors in their relationship that make them better able to co-parent after a breakup.

For one thing, they are both rich. Travis is a millionaire. Kylie is a billionaire.

When money is not a stress factor, either for childcare or vacations or anything else, it's just easier to focus on your child after a breakup.

They also became pregnant within weeks of dating, so they didn't really have a lot of relationship baggage -- good or bad -- from before the baby bump.

They also didn't have a messy breakup. Despite unsubstantiated cheating rumors, more credible reports say that they just fell out of love.

Stormi Webster Laughs with Travis Scott

These factors make them better able to co-parent harmoniously, which is very much to the benefit of their daughter.

Stormi delights in both of her parents and is growing up faster than any of us can believe.

In a recent video, Stormi was listening to a song in which Kylie sings, but demanded that Kylie play music where "daddy sings."

Kylie was clearly amused by this request. Stormi was toddling around, holding the phone, and even tried to swipe the screen.

She's going to have a blast over these holidays. She may even form some lasting memories this time around.

As for Kylie and Travis ... no one knows the future, but there's a decent chance that they'll fall back into old habits under the mistletoe.

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