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Grey’s Anatomy staged a Charmed reunion Thursday night, bringing Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano back together to share the screen. 

The pair played sisters Haylee and Heidi of a young woman named Heather, who was left brain-dead following a harrowing fall at a construction site. 

Charmed Sisters on Grey's

While initially in denial about the diagnosis, Richard carried out one last test to give the ladies the closest thing to peace of mind he could. 

But in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, there was some drama thrown in for good measure. Haylee brought crystals along with her because she was under the assumption that she could heal her sister. 

Heidi figured it was best to say her goodbyes, and be done with it, but the two sisters couldn’t help arguing because of their distinctly different views on the matter. 

Richard had enough and yelled at the two of them to make the decision together, or they would remember this moment for the rest of their lives. 

Photo via ABC

When they agreed that their sister was gone, and Richard switched off her life support machine, Heather’s phone rang. 

In a true twist of fate, it turned out that the woman they pulled the plug on was not Heather. Heather’s phone was stolen, leading everyone to believe the brain-dead woman was her. 

Yes, really. 

Richard had a truly horrible a day as a result and tried to get back in contact with Catherine to check in on her. 

But she didn’t answer. That pushed Richard to hang out with Gemma, aka the woman he helped save last season. 

Photo via ABC

They went to dinner!

Over at Grey Sloan, Maggie was still cut up about the way Jackson treated her. ICYMI: He went missing and returned with a new girlfriend. 

Maggie was struggling to move on, but a new patient named Bertie was determined to help her see the light that everything happens for a reason. 

Things got worse when Jackson’s new bae showed up at the hospital for treatment, and Jackson wasted no time in showing off his surgical skills. 

Jo Searches for Answers

This was all too much for Maggie, primarily because of how quickly this new relationship was moving. 

Vic tries to speak to Maggie, but it resulted in the most awkward scene to date.

Elsewhere, Jo started her first week as a resident, and Dahlia made her feelings clear that she was not happy about performing an ALPPS surgery with anyone other than Meredith Grey. 

Heck, Jo felt scared and managed to get Bailey to agree to let Mer be her eyes in the sky, thanks to video chat. 

Meredith Celebrates the Dead
(ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

The surgery was a success, all thanks to Jo, but Dahlia was furious that many of the interns came to the hospital because of Meredith, and now they were treating her like a distant memory. 

Bailey fired Dahlia on the spot, saying, “Now you and your hero have something in common,” she said.

Okay then. 

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. 

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