Wendy Williams on The View: Cheating is Fine, a Full Baby is NOT!!

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Everybody's watching this segment of The View, and for once, it's not because of something dumb that Meghan McCain said.

Wendy Williams showed up to speak about her history of substance abuse and, most significantly, about her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

She explains that there was only one reason for their split, and it wasn't his infidelity -- not exactly.

Wendy Williams on The View Sept 2019 2/6

After welcoming Wendy to the table, Sunny Hostin goes over how Wendy filed for divorce in April after nearly 22 years of marriage to Kevin Hunter.

Wendy reminds her that she and Kevin were together for 25 years.

"Because of his infidelity," she explains of Wendy's break-up. Wendy has to correct her.

"Infidelity is one thing," Wendy clarifies. "A full baby is a whole other topic."

Joy Behar chimes in: "A baby did it."

Wendy Williams on The View Sept 2019 3/6

"A baby!" Wendy emphasizes. "I'm not changing Pampers. I want to be pampered!"

That's a very good line that clearly Wendy said to a friend at some point and has latched onto.

Joy points out that surely Wendy would never be asked to change the diapers.

This results in a very awkward exchange in which Wendy explains to Joy, a comedian, that it's a joke.

"If I don't laugh," Wendy states. "Then I'll cry."

Wendy Williams on The View Sept 2019 1/6

"I learned from my mother how to make lemons into lemonade," Wendy states.

"What am I supposed to do?" Wendy asks rhetorically. "Stay in the house and cry all day?"

Don't judge how I spend my Saturdays, Wendy! (that, too, is a joke)

Sonny then congratulates Wendy on her resolution to never speak ill of Kevin in public.

"I save that for when I get back to my bachelorette pad," Wendy half-jokes.

Wendy Williams on The View Sept 2019 5/6

Sonny points out that having parents constantly speaking ill of each other can be bad for the children.

(Not always! Each divorce is unique, and sometimes one parent or the other is a true monster, and the kids need that affirmed by the good parent)

Wendy explains that, while her young adult son Kevin Jr. is a consideration, there's more to it than that.

"It's not just about young Kevin," Wendy explains. "It's about, you know, Kevin's not a bad man -- Big Kev."

"But you can't just throw away 25 years and start talking recklessly about the other person," she reasons.

"Otherwise," Wendy asks. "What does that say about me?"

Wendy Williams on The View Sept 2019 4/6

Wendy reveals that the decision to divorce her cheating, lovechild-fathering husband came easily.

She didn't have a huge internal debate. She also did not consider marriage counseling to somehow "fix" things.

"You do this? Get out!" Wendy expresses as her attitude after Kevin impregnated his mistress.

That is a very understandable position to take. No therapist can somehow counter the existence of an extramarital baby.

The audience clearly agrees and showers Wendy with applause.

Wendy Williams on The View Sept 2019 6/6

Now, notably, Wendy also addresses how she had battled with substance addiction.

She says that she was only ever addicted to one substance, and that was cocaine.

Wendy also clarifies that this was not recent -- that her addiction took place 25 years ago, and that she cleaned up her act when she met Kevin.

She claims that her stay at the sober house was more of a break from being in contact with people as she planned her next move.

That's ... not really what sober houses are for, right?

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