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Apparently, Tristan Thompson just cannot take a hint, and leaving thirsty comments on Khloe’s photos is just the tip of the iceberg.

Khloe is so done with him after he cheated on her with, it seems, every hot woman in sight even after his first cheating scandal.

A new report says that Tristan is working behind the scenes to worm his way back into Khloe’s heart — and her bed.

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In Touch Weekly reports that Khloe Kardashian isn’t out of the woods when it comes to not being in a relationship with a rampant cheater.

"Tristan hasn’t given up on Khloe," an insider warns about the reality star’s athletic baby daddy.

"And," the source adds, Tristan "s always playing mind games with her."

Oh, dear.

That’s not good — because if his games work, Khloe could end up accepting him back before she even realizes it.

Some cheaters are aggressive manipulators and know just which buttons to push. 

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“She is too easy on him," the insider opines.

Certainly, that was the case in 2018 when she took him back within days of the scandal breaking.

"And," the source laments, Khloe believes that she "can’t be cold to him."

Khloe is under this impression "because she always wants to keep a happy home for True."

"That’s why she can never completely cut him off," the insider explains.

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Tristan may be barkign up Khloe’s tree, but her entire family is united in wanting to shoo him away.

"Tristan knows that the family doesn’t want them back together," the source reveals.

"So," the insider explains. "He is trying to weasel his way back."

Oh, of course he is.

See, Tristan knows that if he gets Khloe to accept him again, she’ll make her family do the same.

That’s what went down in 2018.

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Khloe revealed that he’s been pulling this kind of thing for a while.

On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she shared an incident in which Tristan tried to act as if they were still dating.

"He’s like, ‘Do you want to grab a glass of wine?’" Khloe recalled. "I’m like, ‘It must say dumb f–king whore on my forehead,’”

Wow, I can’t believe that Khloe and I have the same tattoo!

“And then he’s like, ‘Can I have a hug?’" she adds. "So, I one-arm hugged him, but that’s not enough."

Well, it will simply have to be.

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"He tried to kiss me," Khloe revealed.

"I’m like, ‘That’s the problem with you. You can’t just take what you get.’" she expressed.

Apparently, he still didn’t get the message, as he texted her the next morning.

“‘Thank you for letting me see True. She looked great, and you looked even better,’" Khloe quoted the text.

That first sentence would have sufficed. Don’t turn talk about your daughter into being horny for your baby mama.

A Kiss!

The thing about people like Tristan — famous, wealthy, hot men — is that their behavior doesn’t make sense.

He has to decide: does he want a fellow celebrity to be his wife and the mother of his child?

Or does he want a harem, or to be allowed to roam free and bang whomever he chooses, possibly with a wife at home who doesn’t mind?

Because plenty of women woudl be fine with a simple majority share of Tristan’s dong instead of sole ownership. But Khloe isn’t one of them.

If Tristan is unhappy, it’s entirely his own doing.