Tori Roloff is Here with a Helpful Pregnancy Update

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Tori Roloff is nearing the home stretch.

By which we mean the following:

Tori Roloff is getting closer and closer to bringing her new baby home!

Tori Roloff is Growing!

The Little People, Big World still has a ways to go, of course, considering she's due to give birth right around Thanksgiving.

But still: It's Labor Day weekend, which marks the unofficial end of summer, which means it's not totally crazy to start thinking about autumn and the holidays that come along with it.

So... how is Roloff feeling these days?

Especially when you remember how down she was at one point about this second pregnancy?

Doing an Instagram Story Q&A this weekend, Tori opened up once again about her physical and mental state as she heads into her third trimester.

Tori Roloff Maternity Pic

One fan, for example, asked how the reality star feeling now that’s she’s more than halfway through her latest pregnancy.

“It’s been better these days," she replied, explaining in more detail: "Baby girl is sitting really low, so she’s making my hips and hip flexors ache pretty bad."

Another person asked how Tori’s pregnancy compares to her first with son, Jackson.

“Complete opposite,” Tori responded. “Jackson was a breeze compared to this pregnancy. I could have had it way worse."

This has been a constant theme for Roloff over the past several weeks.

Pregnant and Gorgeous!

She has often made a point not to really complain, to make it clear she's so very grateful that a life is growing inside her womb... and yet she has also been honest.

She's confessed that this hasn't exactly been a breeze for the last three to four months.

"This pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than the last," Roloff admitted in early July, adding:

"Don’t get me wrong-I’ve been so lucky... im not sick (anymore) and I haven’t had any complications (thank the lord)."

What has been the issue then?

"I have had a harder time accepting my body this go around," Tori said back then, continuing as follows:

"I’ve gotten bigger a lot faster than I did with Jackson and I’ve become a lot more insecure."

Tori Goes Bumpin

Because Tori is awesome, however, she concluded this July post with an inspiring message to her followers.

"Us as women are so badass. Like we can grow babies," she wrote.

"And I know I need to give this up to God right and be thankful for this gift-and I’m trying trust me. But for all those women out there-pregnant or not- you need to hear this just like I do...

You’re beautiful, you’re strong, and dang it love yourself no matter what. I know someone besides just me needs to hear that today.

So excuse me while I go try my best to live out these words and continue growing a freaking human being.

Two Bellies!

Tori and Zack are parents to a boy named Jackson and have already confirmed that a daughter is on the way.

We're so very happy for these beloved reality stars.

To learn more about all Tori has been going through, click down below.

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