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After months of legal wrangling, the fate of Joe Giudice will soon be decided.

Giudice has been held in an ICE detention center ever since his release from prison back in March.

After serving his time for tax evasion, Giudice was marked for deportation back to his native Italy.

While he was born in Europe, the former reality star has been living in the US since early childhood, and he claims to not speak a word of Italian.

Joe’s entire family — including his wife and four daughters — lives in New Jersey, and he’s told the court that he feels he would be unable to earn a living in Italy.

Giudice was not exactly a beloved figure during his time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but his current situation has engendered a surprising amount of compassion.

Unfortunately for Joe, none of that sympathy comes from his wife, Teresa Giudice.

From the start, Teresa has made it clear that she’ll divorce Joe if he gets deported.

As his case became increasingly desperate and plea after plea was denied, Teresa went ahead and started acting like she was already single.

These days, Teresa is dating a much younger man named Blake Schreck, and insiders are convinced she’s planning to divorce Joe whether he gets deported or not.

“Joe’s family believes that Teresa is going to file for divorce no matter what,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“Teresa is going to file for divorce from Joe regardless of what the outcome is,” says a different insider.

“Joe’s family knows this. Everyone knows this. She has tasted her freedom and she isn’t going to return to him.”

Seemingly in confirmation of these claims, Teresa has stopped attending Joe’s court hearings.

Teresa Touches Joe

A spokesperson for the Real Housewife claims that she and Schreck are nothing more than business partners:

“This is a working business relationship between two professionals,” says the rep.

“They are collectively working on a project that includes other individuals and have been for quite some time. It’s 100 percent strictly business.”

You’ll note, however, he does not deny that she’s planning to leave Joe.

But while there’s been no confirmation or denial from Teresa’s camp, the fact remains that while her husband is fighting for his right to remain in this country, she’s in Miami partying with a 26-year-old.

“Teresa won’t be able to be reined in and Joe’s family knows that,” says one insider.

“Joe’s family is preparing for the worst,” the source continues.

“They’re convinced it won’t be good news and they blame Teresa for everything.”

And as Joe’s legal team runs out of options, his family has started bracing themselves for bad news.

“They’re very afraid that his request will be denied, and they won’t be able to see him in person in the U.S. again,” says the insider.

It’s an undeniably sad situation.

But hey — we guess if Joe gets deported, that’ll spare Teresa an uncomfortable conversation.