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Schenee Murry just caused quite a stir and also quite a scare on social media.

The former reality star, who rose to fame on My 600 Lb Life, recently shared a lengthy video in which she urged viewers never to take life for granted, prompting many to wonder… 

… is Murry’s life about to end?

This isn’t mere baseless speculation, either.

Schenee has been in the hospital for several months now and has tipped the scale many times in the past at a dangerously high level.

Incredibly — and disturbingly and depressingly — Murry even uploaded footage of herself participating in eating contests this summer FROM HER HOSPITAL BED.

She infamously kicked out of Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program following her My 600 Lb Life debut back in Season 6 and has never seemed truly dedicated to the weight loss she needs to live any sort of normal life.

It’s all very sad, really.

Photo via Facebook

Yes, at the outset of 2019, Schenee said she’d lost “almost 300 pounds” since filming for her Season 6 episode ended, even sharing a photo of the weight reading on a digital scale as proof.

However, Schenee herself was not in the photo, making it nothing more than a picture of a scale.

And this all brings us back to Murry’s most recent video.

It is over 20 minutes in length and it’s titled Don’t take love for granted make sure you say goodnight not good bye and always say I love you.

The footage features Murry often in tears, talking in detail about appreciating every second one has on this planet — which is why many followers are now understandably wondering:

Is Schenee Murry dying?

As it turns out, Murry shared this video and these thoughts because he grandmother just died.

She passed away just hours  before Schenee posted this footage, in fact, as Murry later explained.

"I put that [title] up there because y’all never know when, or where, or how. I never want y’all to take life for granted,” said Schenee, from her hospital bed as always.

She then added:

“I want y’all to love y’all loved ones no matter what they did to you.

"Always say you love ’em; never say goodbye; always say good night….I just want y’all to keep me and my family in your prayers."

As for her own health these days?

Schenee notes multiple times that she’s been “having problems” with her “anxiety” and “breathing,” as well as the sickle cell anemia with which she says she was diagnosed earlier this year.

Those health problems, combined with the bullying Schenee says she’s subjected to on a daily basis, have left her particularly despondent.

“I feel so far away from home,” Schenee says. “I never expected this. It’s not real to me, right now.”

We really go wish Murry the best. We hope things turn around for her soon.

In February of this year, Sean Milliken of My 600 Lb Life fame passed away… and L.B. Bonner killed himself just over a year ago.

Unlike the people featured below, it’s tragically never all that stunning when cast members from this program end up dead.