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If you follow The Bachelor Spoilers, you knew what was going down. Now, everyone knows that Peter Weber is the Bachelor.

A lot of people wanted Mike Johnson, and producers strung him along for ages before officially selecting Peter.

Now, they’re finally admitting what many Bachelor fans selected all along: they planned to choose Peter the whole time.

Peter Weber is The Bachelor

We niow know that Mike Johnson was in secret talks to be the Bachelor.

While he’s an outspoken fan of Peter, he would have liked to have had the role.

He is looking for a wife, and he knows how much the franchise’s first black male lead would mean after about two dozen seasons without.

Mike has also been vocal in advocating for other racial and ethnic minorities to be represented on the infamously white series.

And fans? Well, fans found Mike charming, and were a little surprised to see him passed over.

Peter Weber Promo Pic

E! News asked the right questions and got the right answers when it came to ABC’s true intentions.

"Peter has always been their guy," an insider has revealed.

The source explains their reasoning: "He’s older, he as a career, and he has a great backstory."

"He can definitely carry a show," the insider assesses.

We don’t disagree about the description of Peter … but does that really make him a better contender than Mike?

Peter with Hannah

Let’s look at ABC’s alleged reasoning, item-by-item.

Peter is not actually older than Mike.

I’m too old for Common Core, but I’m pretty sure that Mike’s 31 is more than Peter’s 27. Four more, even.

Mike also has a solid career as a portfolio manager.

And what exactly is wrong with Mike’s backstory? He’s an Air Force veteran who’s been to more than two-dozen countries.

Peter Weber on the Couch

So what does that inside source mean by all of this?

Peter may not be older than Mike — he’s not even older than Dean Unglert.

Perhaps by "older," they simply mean that the show tends to pair male leads with younger female contestants, because our culture is weird about gender.

Now, Peter does have a career, obviously. This sounds more of like a must-have box that producers just checked off.

The line about his backstory may just be another standard requirement.

Which means that none of the causes listed explain why Peter rose to the top instead of Mike.

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However, there’s one person who can explain why Peter found himself at the front of the line.

Hannah Brown’s most famous moment from her entire season had nothing to do with her final dude, despite plenty of drama.

It was all about Peter even when he wasn’t on screen.

See, the two of them "f–ked in a windmill."

Hannah would later go on to reveal that it was not one round of sexual intercourse — but four.

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The idea of a couple dozen beautiful women romancing him, each dreaming of getting some windmill time of her own, could make for great TV.

That said … the Bachelor Nation cannot help but notice that this means yet another season of zero black men in the leading role.

After 5 seasons, that would be suspicious. By Season 24t? It’s impossible to deny that producers see casting a black man as a "risk."

After Rachel Lindsay’s season saw conspicuously lower ratings, it’s clear that producers fear that part of the audience is simply too racist.

That is awful. We wish that we were better than this.