Mike Johnson and Rachel Lindsay: They Should Have Cast a Black Bachelor!!

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Now, the Bachelor Nation knows for sure who was selected as Bachelor and has even met the new season's contestants.

But Mike Johnson was an incredibly popular contender: handsome, charming, and fresh on the minds of fans.

He will not be the franchise's first black Bachelor -- and he and former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay have something to say about that.

Rachel Lindsay Red Carpet Photo

Rachel Lindsay was the first black Bachelorette in the entire franchise.

As long overdue as her role as the leading lady was, The Bachelor series has gone on for nearly two decades without a black leading man.

When Rachel was asked about this inexcusably overdue milestone, she was very diplomatic -- but spoke her mind.

"I think Peter seems like a very nice guy. He seems lovely," she tactfully begins.

"This is absolutely nothing against him," she emphasizes. "But how many Peters have we seen before?"

She answers her own question: "What season are we on? 24. So, we’ve seen 24 Peters."

Rachel Lindsay Motives You

"I’m bored," Rachel expresses. "And it’s nothing personal against him."

"I want to be hopeful, but when you have a contestant like Mike Johnson, who seems to check all the boxes, how is he not the Bachelor?" she asks.

"I don’t understand," Rachel laments. "I’m sure they have some reason for not picking him, and I’m going to trust in that."

"But at the same time," she notes. "The system isn’t working in giving us a Bachelor who is a person of color."

"So we need to change the system," Rachel suggests. "Something has to be done. Break the rules, step outside the box, give the people what they want."

Rachel Lindsay in a Black Top

When Mike Johnson sat down with Entertainment Tonight, they obviously asked him about Rachel's views.

"Congratulations to Peter first and foremost. Then in regards to what Rachel was saying, I do agree with Rachel," Mike begins.

He agrees that "that after 24 Bachelors, a black Bachelor should have been cast."

"But at the same time, ABC has been successful," Mike acknowledges. "They know what they're doing for their audience."

"They know what they're looking for," he points out. "I wasn't the guy they were looking for at the moment."

Mike Johnson: Will He Be the Next Bachelor?

"I did [say I thought it was going to be him]," Mike says of new leading man Peter Weber. "But that wasn't because ABC told me."

"I just felt that way, and I will always be honest with the way I feel," he explains.

"And I felt that for what they were looking for," Mike continues. "That Peter would be a really good fit."

"Why do I think it wasn't me? I have no idea," he admits.

"I can only speak on my personality and the wonderful man that I am," Mike adds.

Mike Johnson Gets Interviewed

"I do know that Peter and I are two completely different people -- both good people, kind-hearted people," Mike observes.

"But I do feel that I'm a bit more outspoken than Peter," he assesses. "I'm a bit louder than Peter is. I have tattoos, and the obvious, I'm black."

"So we are very diverse and different in that regard as well," he points out, gently acknowledging that race may be a deciding factor.

"And we like different women." Mike says. "I want to make sure the focus is centered around love because that's what this show is about."

"So," he continues. "Peter and I also are attracted to two different types of women as well."

Peter Weber on the Couch

When it comes to diverse casting, Mike has a lot to say: "Two parts on that -- I think of diversity more than just black and white."

"And yes, Peter has a Cuban mom, but let's just be honest -- he's white, right?" he says.

That could be a controversial statement, but it's important ot remember that Cuban-Americans exist across a racial and ethnic spectrum.

"And that's just being completely transparent," Mike emphasizes.

"I think that there should be an Asian lead, an Indian lead... diversity is not just black and white," he says. "It's not just salt and pepper."

Mike Johnson with a Lamb

"I feel that Rachel is extremely intelligent," Mike correctly states. "She's saying that from a statistical standpoint..."

"if Peter likes one thing -- not saying what he does like and he doesn't like," he says carefully.

"But if he likes Caucasian women for example, then there may be a higher percentage of it being a Caucasian Bachelorette," Mike reasons.

"But I do know for a fact that ABC chooses based on personality," he adds. "Who's to say that one of the women of color may not be the Bachelorette next?"

"But on Peter's season," Mike suggests. "He may have a higher likelihood of picking a woman who is Caucasian."

Peter Weber Promo Pic

Honestly? I had never thought about how there's a cyclical effect -- more white Bachelors mean more white contestants.

And since those contestants form (most of) the pool for the next Bachelorette, the cycle continues on and on.

ABC's hands aren't tied by that, of course, but it does make it easier to appease racist fans by keeping most of the cast as white as snow on a golf course.

(And yes, there are a lot of racist fans -- Rachel saw lower ratings for her season, and it was not a coincidence)

"Demi Lovato and I went on a date," Mike confirmed, on a lighter note. "The woman is quite astounding and amazing, and that's all I'll say on that. "

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