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Meghan Markle has found herself in the hot seat once again.

And this time it is all because she is too dang good of a friend! (seriously) 

After the Duchess made a secret getaway to New York City to watch her bestie Serena Williams play in the US Open, sources have now confirmed that the royals are royally pissed.

Meghan Markle Happy
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According to Radar Online, the weekend of the Tennis Championship also happened to fall on the royal family’s Highland Games event at Balmoral Castle. 

Which Meghan was apparently "too busy" for, even though it was earlier reported by the Mail On Sunday that she and Prince Harry were set to attend the event. 

Hmm.. *sips tea.* 

Markle tried her best to keep her recent American travels on the DL as she quietly flew solo to NYC on Friday, successfully leaving on Sunday with little to no street paparazzi interferences, according to Page Six.

Meghan Markle and Her Bump
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A royal insider also shared that after Meghan’s talk-of-the-town baby shower, she learned her lesson.

"After all the big fanfare of her [last NYC] trip for her two-day baby shower, where paparazzi followerd her every move and staked out The Mark Hotel to catch Meghan, her famous friends, and the array of gifts arriving, it seems Meghan has learned her lesson." 

The poor girl just wanted to cheer on her bestie without being scrutinized! 

Serena Williams at the Open
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"She was in New York to support Serena, and catch up with a few other old friends, but was determined to keep everything low-key and as under-the-radar as possible," shared the source. 

Unfortunately, it’s really not that possible. 

Instead, the whole world now knows that Meghan left baby Archie at home, boarded a (yep, commercial!) plane, took to the big apple, and in the royal’s minds she chose, once again, her famous friends over them.

Dun, dun, dun…

Jess Mulroney and Meghan Markle

Scotland’s Braemar Gathering for the Highland Games — which includes a hammer throw and tug of war — has taken place for almost nine hundred years and it’s the royal family’s job to make an annual appearance to show their support to the competitors.

They also take the time to enjoy a nice family vacay in Scotland while at the games. 

This event is an old-fashioned royal protocol and, once again, Meghan would rather not.

And we do NOT blame her. 

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Enjoy Sports Together
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While the Queen, her son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and other royals attended the event, Meghan and Harry’s spokesperson said they were "too busy" and Archie, at four months, was still "too young" to make the trip.

Which only lasts 1 hour in flight duration… we’re seriously wondering what this couple will use to get out of wretched family events when Archie is too old to use as an excuse

The new mom, however, took the 3,500-mile flight to NY to sit in the stands to support her pal… which she did, in a very cute denim dress. 

Serena ended up losing the match to Bianca Andreescu of Canada, who walked away with the $3.85 million prize, but we’re sure it was still more entertaining than the ancient games taking place back in Europe. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Tour
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According to a source from The Mail on Sunday, the Queen felt "hurt" by Meghan’s absence as she intended to bring together her friends and family.

And on top of her disappointment, the publication shared that the Queen is also "baffled" by Meghan and Harry’s lack of protocol. 


The Queen Remembers
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To have the Queen of England "hurt" and/or "baffled" by you sounds like easily one of the most horrifying things, but on behalf of the Duchess, we’re proud of her for supporting her friend and for holding on to her life. 

Markle has been blasted too many times to count, from the British press dubbing her a diva to claims that she appears to be more comfortable hanging out with her celebrity friends than doing her royal duties.

We wouldn’t blame her if she decided to move to another kingdom far, far away … Manhattan perhaps?