Little People, Big World ... Huge Question: Why Wasn't Chris Marek at Jacob's Wedding?

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The Roloff family is in the middle of a celebration right now.

Our goal here is not to ruin it in any way.

This is important to make clear, but we also must state that we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't pose the question below and speculate a little bit on the reason why it must be asked.

izzy and jake

Okay, with that opening out of the way, here we go:

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock got married on Saturday, September 7 in their beautiful home state of Oregon.

As previously detailed, the wedding took place at a beach and the reception was held at the family farm and everyone seemed to have a blast.

Everyone who was actually there, that is.

A Roloff Celebration

As you can see in the photograph above, Jacob has clearly made up with all his family members after leaving Little People, Big World in a bitter huff three years ago.

He may have blasted his relatives for being phony at the time, but take a look here:

There are parents Matt and Amy, along with brothers Zach and Jeremy and their wives, Tori and Audrey, respectively.

Not pictured? Matt's date and long-time girlfriend, Caryn Chandler - but that's only because this was a picture reserved for official family members online:

Fun on His Farm

See, Caryn was very much on Matt's arm for the special occasion:

But here is what we now have to ask:

Where is the picture of Amy and Chris Marek, who's been a part of her life for what seems like years at this point?

How could he not have been present for Jacob's wedding?!?

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek at Sunday Brunch

Just six days ago, Amy shared a number of pictures of herself and her very serious booyfriend during what she described as their "amazing motorcycle trip."

We have every reason to believe the couple is still together and still on great terms, with the exception of this mysterious situation.

It's possible Marek had some wildly important previous engagement that he simply could not have gotten out of, yet one would think Amy would mention this in passing at least.

Instead, she said nothing on the topic.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Annual Motorcycle Trip

"Congrats! They’re MARRIED! What? My youngest is married? I couldn’t be happier," wrote Amy on Instagram Monday morning, adding:

"Isabel is a beautiful full of heart and love young women. The day was a wonderful beautiful lovely and eventful wedding celebration.

"And the rain added even more excitement for the sun came out from behind the clouds in the end. These two are amazing together. I’m so proud of the man Jacob continues to be and look forward to see where their life journey together takes them.

"This mama’s heart is happy and full of love for them both."

Amy and Ember Dance It Out

A lovely sentiment all around, to be sure.

However, the last time we wrote about Amy and Chris, we wondered whether the former was pressuring the latter to propose.

We had no hard evidence of such an issue between the lovers, but now we can't help but wonder whether the subject of their own eventual marriage prevented Chris from attending the marriage of Jacob and Isabel.

Might there be trouble in this romantic paradise? We really hope not.

Stay tuned.

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