Larissa Lima Was BRAINWASHED Into Breakup, Claims Eric Nichols

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Last week, Larissa Lima filed a police report against her ex, Eric Nichols. She accuses him of harassment.

Eric claims that this is all hysteria and that he has doubts that Larissa even went to the police.

In fact, he says that the breakup wasn't his idea or Larissa's -- but the result of insidious manipulations by one of her closest friends.

Larissa Lima and Eric Foster Make Kissy Faces

Eric Nichols gave a statement to Us Weekly about Larissa dumping him over Instagram and her accusations of harassment.

"I’m not surprised my ex made up something to file a police report against me to get my attention," Eric begins.

He describes things from his point of view as: "I went on about my own business leaving town."

"Then," Eric reports, he "received texts from her about a bunch of nonsense that is an essay long."

Eric also received a text from Larissa's "big bad pal Carmen,” who apparently wrote him a “petty breakup apology."

Larissa Lima and BFF Carmen

Eric then really lays into Carmen Nys, Larissa's best friend who paid her bail and gave her a place to stay last January.

"She’s the mastermind manipulator," Eric accuses.

He claims that she is the culprit "who filled Larissa [sic] head with confusion."

"And," Eric adds, Carmen bombarded Larissa with "suggestions of leaving me for men with money."

Zero offense to Carmen, but I've never seen her as particularly intimidating, much less as the soap opera villain that Eric describes.

Larissa Lima Feels Awkward

Eric says that it would be foolish to follow Carmen's counsel.

"That would be like taking dating advice from someone who jumped into a toxic marriage and never dated," Eric claims.

Clearly, he's just shading Carmen.

He adds: "unless this person knows about dating men with money on the side of her marriage."

Yep. He and Carmen must really, truly dislike each other.

Larissa Lima and Eric Foster Enjoy a Night Out

So, what about Larissa's police report last week?

"Police have not contacted me in any way, whatsoever," Eric shares.

"And," he announces. "I am not sweating any of this."

Eric feels confident "due to my track record of a clean record, stellar credit, and buying a home on my own. Facts."

Not to burst his bubble, but I don't think that police make determinations about suspects based upon real estate purchases.

Eric Foster

Eric also says that he and Larissa have been woefully out of contact since September 10.

"The last time my ex and I spoke directly, in which to me responding to her, was the day before the breakup," Eric reveals.

This is not the first time that Eric has complained that Larissa's breakup with him took him by surprise.

He says that it was a decision that she unilaterally made without him, and that she informed him via DMs ... and then blocked him.

Eric has made his frustration clear, even going so far as to hang out with Larissa's ex-husband, Colt, and his mother, Debbie.

Colt Johnson, Debbie Johnson, and Eric Nichols

Unfortunately, Eric is accused of doing worse than just taking some spiteful selfies.

Larissa began to receive disturbing phone calls after her breakup with Eric.

Some explicit calls would taunt her with claims about Eric's new sex life.

Larissa has speculated that the woman speaking may have been someone who obsessively followed her and Eric.

She intimated that perhaps Eric had shared her phone number. She has now changed her number for privacy reasons. Good.

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